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Eritrean Migrant Held on Murder Charge Over Railway Death of Child Has ‘Psychiatric Problems’ — (Breitbart)
SSRI Ed note: "Model" refugee off work, gets psychiatric help, becomes delusional, violent, threatens neighbor, kills child. All are surprised. Then diagnosed schizophrenic.
Afghan, 16, arrested in connection with Munich shootings — (The Guardian)
SSRI Ed note: No ISIS, no politics, just a teen with no history of trouble taking medication for anxiety, depression, behind Munich shootings that killed 9.
A320 Crash: The Co-Pilot Wanted the World To Know His Name — (Le Figaro)
SSRI Ed note: Germanwings pilot on citalopram, mirtazapine and zoplclone locks captain out of cockpit, crashes Airbus A320, killing 150.
Your experiences of antidepressants — (The Guardian)
Medicalisation of misery to blame for soaring use of antidepressants, say GPs — (The Guardian)
Racist bullies drove Army recruit to TWICE try to kill himself during vicious campaign of harassment — (Daily Mirror)
Dentist convicted for treating stepdaughter with unapproved antidepressant — (Dental Tribune)
Why are more women depressed? Is this a real epidemic – or the result of cynical marketing by drug giants? — (Daily Mail)
Man Shoots at Two Italians in Fight Over World Cup
East German 'medical guinea pig' scandal grows: report — (Expatica)
German Student Targets Hells Angels
Famous German Football Goalkeeper Commits Suicide: Age 32
Falling Through the Cracks of the Army's Duty of Care The Forgotten Casualties—(CounterPunch)
Fresh-faced killer who brought a chilling carnage to the suburbs—(The Scotsman)
SSRI Ed note: German student taking antidepressants shoots fires 100 rounds and kills 15 young students at his former school, then kills himself.
St John’s wort ‘effective as anti-depressant’ — (Expatica)
SSRI Ed note: German research team finds herbal remedy as effective for depression as Paxil/ Seroxat. Of course, the 2014 restored Study 329 found Paxil not effective.