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Why did two parents murder their adopted child? — (The Guardian)
SSRI Ed note: Woman on Lorazepam adopts a baby from China, couple drugs, kills her when she is 12 because they unreasonably consider her too much trouble.
Your experiences of antidepressants — (The Guardian)
79 Year Old Kills Wife: Attempts to Kill Self: Judgment Believed to Be Affected By the Med
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Woman Steals from Her Employer
Mother On Med For Depression Kills Daughter's Rapist 9 Years Later: Sets Him On Fire
Mother On Med For Depression Kills Daughter’s Rapist 9 Years Later: Sets Him On Fire
Thursday’s EuroFile: Valverde denies Manzano charges; Cofidis plans to leave — (Velonews)
SSRI Ed note: Spanish cyclist says Prozac creates addictions, keeps the mind in "another world" and reduces natural fear of destructive behaviour.
Sister of Spain’s future queen committed suicide: autopsy — (Expatica)
SSRI Ed note: Younger sister of Princess Letizia, wife of Crown Prince Felipe of Spain takes antidepressants, commits suicide by overdose.