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Common antidepressants ‘linked to increased risk of violent behaviour in young people’ — (Belfast Telegraph) Rx for violence? — (LA Times)
SSRI Ed note: Study shows antidepressants associated with violence, especially among young people. Study flawed because it counts period after discontinuance as drug-free.
Research confirms antidepressant-autism link — (WND)
Antidepressant use on the rise in rich countries, OECD finds — (The Guardian)
Mbeki's nephew dies after altercation with Swedish cops — (Sunday World)
Study: Autism Linked to Antidepressant Drug Use During Pregnancy — (DrugWatch)
Who Cares in Sweden? A Documentary Trilogy — (ARTIMUS Film)
What Big Pharma Knows – “Side Effects: Death” — (Confessions of a Pharma Insider)
SSRI Ed note: Former Lilly executive writes book claiming that SSRI manufacturers have known about suicidal / homicidal side effects all along.
Reports of Aggression from SSRIs Received by the Medical Board in Sweden
On domestic violence, the Swedes should reassess their priorities — (Malta Today)
In Sweden, 52% of Woman Who Committed Suicide in 2006 Were Taking Antidepressants: APA Letter
Swedish Data Shows Suicides Strongly Associated With Antidepressant Drugs — (Sepp Hasslberger)
SSRI Ed note: >80 per cent of suicides reported in Sweden in 2006 were committed by persons under psychiatric drug treatment, over 50 per cent had taken antidepressant drugs.
Killer of Sweden’s Foreign Minister Tells of Hearing Voices — (The New York Times)
SSRI Ed note: Man on antidepressants hears voices, randomly attacks and kills Sweden's foreign minister.