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Mom: ‘I saw no signs’ son wanted to kill himself — (The Winnipeg Sun)
SSRI Ed note: Teen with dark thoughts prescribed antidepressants, at 23 fails to land job, dies by suicide. Mental illness blamed. Memorial website promotes status quo.
‘Evil,’ antidepressants blamed in killing of Winnipeg girlfriend, then wife;  Crown attorney: ‘When he tires of his girlfriend or his wife, rather than leave the situation, he kills them’ — (Winnipeg Sun)
SSRI Ed note: Man who starts and stops taking antidepressants kills and dismembers wife and girlfriend, years apart.
Antidepressant gets blame for bank robbery — (Winnipeg Sun)
Defence says side effects from smoke meds caused outburst — (Winnipeg Sun)
Kapsik guilty of second-degree murder — (Winnipeg Free Press)
SSRI Ed note: Man on 12 drugs with no history of domestic violence murders wife, has no explanation
Police call deaths of Winnipeg mother, children a murder-suicide — (Canadian Press)
SSRI Ed note: Mom treated for postpartum depression (PPD) murders her children and kills herself. PPD blamed, treatment not questioned.
Teen who blames Prozac for his fatal stabbing of friend suing doctors — (Sun News)
City sex tourist set free after 3 years in jail — (Winnipeg Free Press)
’It just gets sicker every time‘ — (The Chronicle-Journal)
SSRI Ed note: Man takes too much antidepressant, causes bus crash, decapitates fellow passenger.
Newest biker spy has tough road ahead, say longtime spies — (
SSRI Ed note: Biker police informant takes too many antidepressants, gets angry over deal, threatens and attacks police, is tasered, gets jail.
Ex-soldier shot by police may have had fake gun — (CTV News)
SSRI Ed note: Former soldier on antidepressants over-reacts to remark by friend, threatens him, goes to his apartment with fake weapon, is shot, killed by police.
Attack Blamed on Wrong Medication — (The Winnipeg Sun)
SSRI Ed note: Cascading at its worst: Man becomes violent on antidepressants, meds ID'd as cause but problem blamed on wrong diagnosis, he is given anti-psychotics.
 ‘She didn’t deserve that’ — (Winnipeg Free Press)
SSRI Ed note: Woman, non-drinker on 4 psych meds for bipolar seems drunk, police take her to a de-tox centre where whe dies, probably of setatonin syndrome.
Inquest into14-year-old’s suicide to spotlight flaws in Manitoba’s child-welfare system — (The Winnipeg Sun)
SSRI Ed note: Teen in foster care on large doses of Prozac, coerced into prostitution dies by suicide.
Ex-biker guilty of assaulting city police officer — (The Winnipeg Free Press)
SSRI Ed note: Man who admits taking too much antidepressant medication assaults a police officer, kicking him in the groin. Is charged.
The Death of: Patrick Norman Redhead — (Report By Provincial Judge on Inquest)