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Woman with mental health problems admits to killing her mother — (Montreal Gazette)
SSRI Ed note: Woman with long exposure to psych meds suffers significant thought disturbance, hostile to her mom, prepares for invasion by hostile org, stabs mom to death.
Woman with mental health problems admits to killing her mother — (Montreal Gazette)
Death by suicide of paramedic who rushed to Quebec City mosque attack shines light on trauma risks for first-responders — (The Star)
SSRI Ed note: Paramedic, traumatized by treating the victims of Quebec mosque shooting, quits her job, is prescribed antidepressants, dies by suicide 3 months later.
‘I defended myself’: accused claims mental illness in Maxi grocery murder — (CTV Montreal)
SSRI Ed note: Man medicated for "anxiety and depression" becomes paranoid, stops taking meds, murders grocery clerk. Mental illness blamed.
The Quebec [Mosque] attack: The accused was being treated for anxiety and alcohol problems — (Actualité, Journal de Quebec)
SSRI Ed note: Man on SSRIs since teens develops alcohol problems, violent thoughts, starts Paxil in Jan 2017, two weeks later shoots, kills 6 at mosque, cannot explain why.
Accused Richard Bain testifies about ‘big depression’ – Montreal — (Eastern Ontario Network Television)
The Unremembered — (The Globe and Mail)
SSRI Ed note: Four suicides, three soldiers known to be on antidepressants and other meds. The Canadian military still refuses to connect the antidepressant-suicide dots.
The Saint-Isidore tragedy: a grim profile of the suspect— (Le Soleil)
The Manufacture of Craziness — (Québec Science)
Quebec coroner wants cough syrup behind counter— (CBC News)
Psych exam ordered for accused attempted child killer — (CTV News)
Harassed, he took his own life — (Le Domaine Bleu)
SSRI Ed note: Bus driver experiencing extreme teasing/harassment from colleagues takes antidepressant, commits suicide.
Newspaper Employee Attempts to Bomb Newspaper Office: 3 Day Withdrawal
The Dawson College shooting: Gill was ready to kill his parents — (La Presse)
SSRI Ed note: GP prescribes man, 23, antidepressants for depression, he plans a shooting at a college he never attended, shoots 17, killing one, then kills himself.
Sick in the bones or sick in the head? — (The Ubyssey)
SSRI Ed note: Research links SSRI use to a more than doubled risk of bone fractures in people over 50.
“Depression” likely cause of family slaying — (940 News)
SSRI Ed note: Psychologist on antidepressants, exhibits bizarre behaviour, shoots wife, kids, and self, they die immediately, he dies later in hospital. Depression blamed.
Montreal woman pleads innocent in son’s drowning — (The Rutland Herald)
SSRI Ed note: Mother on antidepressants, worried about pending separation from spouse drowns her 8-yr-old son, attempts suicide, Sentenced to 15 years.
Anti-depressant may be linked to man's death: Quebec coroner — (CBC News)