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Auburn man denies knowing why he beat and stabbed fiancee — (The Sun Journal)
SSRI Ed note: Man on Zoloft for anxiety, depression gets worse, becomes paranoid, beats, stabs fiancee, memory hazy, cannot explain actions. Mental illness debated.
Motive remains a mystery as police close case of Oakland quadruple homicide-suicide — (Portland Press-Herald)
SSRI Ed note: Man taking citalopram, trazodone and various other drugs kills 3. Officials are puzzled about motive. Mental illness is blamed.
Though danger signs were everywhere, boy’s life was still lost — (The Portland Press Herald)
SSRI Ed note: Teen, 14, from troubled home struggling to fit in at school becomes impulsive, suicidal, takes Zoloft intermittently, dies by suicide.
Officer cleared in fatal shooting of armed Ludlow man — (Bangor Daily News)
SSRI Ed note: Man on drug cocktail and alcohol dies in confrontation with police
Suspect in Saco supermarket stabbing had planned random attack, police say— (Portland Press-Herald)
SSRI Ed note: Transgender on an assortment of psychoactive meds including antidepressant goes to supermarket to kill someone, and does.
American tragedy: At least 50% of police shooting victims struggled with mental illness — (Daily Kos)
SSRI Ed note: Police officers too often feel justified in slaughtering people diagnosed with mental illness.
Saco man who killed family, self, had stopped taking antidepressants when he lost his insurance — (Bangor Daily News)
SSRI Ed note: Man stops taking Zoloft, kills wife and 3 children in a rage, a case of extreme violent over-reaction.
Bangor man allegedly threatened to ‘shoot up’ health care facility over Prozac prescription — (BDN Maine)
Death of missing Saco man ruled a suicide
18 Year Old College Freshman Kills Self
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA v. JON R. HUGHES — (United States Court of Appeals)
Soldier, Home From Kuwait & Iraq, Attempts to Kills 3 Policemen: Dose of A/D Had Just Been Doubled
27 Year Old Steals Car & Takes Police on High Speed Chase
Inmate Kills Self: Also Kidnaps Woman the Previous Day: Four Day Withdrawal
Man kills father under influence of prescription antidepressant — (Kennebec Journal)
SSRI Ed note: Man resists Trazodone says it's dangerous, makes him violent, he is ignored, injected. Has psychotic episode, kills father, assaults mother. Found guilty.
Police rescue suicidal sailor — (
SSRI Ed note: Auicidal sailor, on antidepressants, drunk, attempts to harm minself, is prevented by police, taken into custody.
Sumner family loses in fatal police shooting — (The Kennebec Journal and Morning Sentinal)
SSRI Ed note: Ex-marine stops taking his meds, becomes agitated, unstable, beats dog to death, mom calls police, he shoots at them, they shoot back, killing him.
American Idol Contestant Takes Overdose: Parked in Front of Idol’s House — (Morning Sentinel)
SSRI Ed note: American Idol contestant taking Prozac, Seroquel parks outside Paula Adbul's home, dies by overdose suicide.
In Joel’s Wake – Grappling with the loss of a lifetime — (The Times-Record)
SSRI Ed note: Talented young man struggles with life, GP prescribes Celexa, he dies by suicide.
Suspect in machete threat skips court, may have fled to Caribbean — (Bangor Daily News)
SSRI Ed note: Man takes Effexor, which causes him to become manic with element of psychosis, he threatens wife with machete. Bipolar blamed.
BNAS suicide report released — (The Times Record)
SSRI Ed note: Young man on Paxil announces he is suicidal, has been drinking, he shoots himself while under supervision.
Friends say murder was culmination of years of abuse — (Keep Me Current)
SSRI Ed note: Woman involved in domestic abuse for years takes Paxil, Diazapam, drinks, refuses to leave husband, kills him, is acquitted.
Suicide comes Out of the Darkness — (The Bangor Daily News)
SSRI Ed note: Young man takes antidepressant and becomes worse, more depressed and suicidal, dies by suicide. Families respond by supporting org really a front for pharma.
‘Suicide by fire’ shocks Kittery — (Seacoast Online)
SSRI Ed note: Young man on antidepressants plans and executes his own death by burning. Neighbours horrified.
Ex-Ellsworth official claims discrimination — (Bangor Daily News)
SSRI Ed note: Man on antidepressants and cancer drugs deliberately crashes vehicle, loses job with city, claims discrimination, sues.
Suspect in woman’s shooting denied bail — (The Press Herald)
SSRI Ed note: Man on Zoloft and sleep medication realizes his lover plans to end their affair, shoots and kills his her. Gets 40 years, bid to overturn conviction denied.
DOE v. SOLVAY PHARMACEUTICALS, INC. — (United States District Court, D. Maine)
SSRI Ed note: Lawsuit against Luvox manufacturer fails; court does not believe woman's claim of terrible side effects, and co was compliant with law and FDA requirements.
Parents fight for girl’s right to learn — (The Press-Herald)
SSRI Ed note: Parents and school respond to girl's withdrawal by diagnosing and drugging her, making the situation worse. She self-harms and attempts suicide.
Woman’s death caused by morphine overdose — (Bangor Daily News)
SSRI Ed note: Woman, 20, on Celexa dies of morphine overdose. The antidepressant is not mentioned in the analysis of what happened.
Sebago woman dies in sheriff’s custody — (
SSRI Ed note: Young woman on antidepressants drinks, gets violent, dies in police custody. Autopsy results not released.
‘It’s been a loss of a lifetime’ — (Portland Press Herald)
SSRI Ed note: Motel manager takes antidepressants after 9-11, goes from good employee to problem, loses job.
Mom gets 120 days in jail for attempted drownings — (New Hampshire Union Leader)
SSRI Ed note: Woman taking antidepressant plans murder-suicide of herself and her 2 kids.
Jordan not guilty in murder-suicide bid — (Bangor Daily News)
SSRI Ed note: Mum on Prozac attempts murder-suicide, then backs out
Bangor man arrested after late-night foot chase — (Bangor Daily News)
State, defense rest in trial of Bangor man Mental health problems, prescription drug use blamed for ’99 standoff with police — (Bangor Daily News)
Man gets 20 years for Wilton killing — (Kennebec Journal)
Millinocket man gets 10 years in 1999 shooting spree — (Bangor Daily News)
SSRI Ed note: Man on Paxil drinks, shoots up his quiet street, firing 20-30 rounds from his home, many evacuated but nobody hurt. Gets 15 years.
Judge against police search of suspect — (Bangor Daily News)
Urologist returned to court; Motion to revoke Bina’s bail heard — (Bangor Daily News)
Accused Killer To Argue Insanity Defense The Tactic Seldom Succeeds, But Mark Gessner’s Attorney Says Abuse-Related Mental Problems Led To The Shooting Of A Bath Florist — (Portland Press Herald)
SSRI Ed note: Man on Prozac shoots older man claiming abuse years ago, pleasds insanity, a defense that never succeeds in cases of SSRI-induced crimes.
Prozac Linked To Murder-Suicide — (Boston Globe)
SSRI Ed note: Woman on Prozac bludgeons her husband to death, commits suicide by shooting herself.