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Congressman Jamie Raskin shares son’s obituary: ‘The pain became overwhelming’ — (Today)
SSRI Ed note: Talented, idealistic man dies by suicide after "long battle w. depression". Very likely antidepressants made him worse, suicidal. Parents blame "disease".
Judge rules prosecutors can see alleged newspaper shooter’s mental health records — (The Hill)
SSRI Ed note: Man with grudge against newspaper The Capital goes to newsroom, shoots 7, kills 5. Pleads NCR, judge rules prosecutors can access his "mental health" records.
Parents charged in death of preschooler with Newark ties — (The Newark Post)
SSRI Ed note: Man prescribed Trazadone, Seroquel gives them daily to his young son, 4, until the boy dies.
Woman accused of killing mother outside Eastpoint Mall was awaiting trial on charges she stabbed husband — (Baltimore Sun)
SSRI Ed note: Woman on several antidepressants stabs husband as he sleeps, later has lunch with mother at mall, then fatally stabs, runs over her. No motive.
Her brain tormented her, and doctors could not understand why — (The Washington Post)
SSRI Ed note: Woman given Klonopin, Ambien, Ativan, Xanax, nortiptyline, lithium, Zoloft, trazodone, Wellbutrin, Effexor, Prozac, Serzone, Paxil and Parnate finally dies.
Mom of boy found dead in swing indicted: manslaughter charge — (AP)
SSRI Ed note: Toddler dies of exposure while his mom pushes him in swing
Bulmer pleads guilty in stabbing death of Ellicott City blogger Dennis Lane — (The Baltimore Sun)
MCPS music teacher Lawrence Joynes Plea Hearing: Images of children in music room had been photoshopped — (Baltimore County Circuit Court)
La Plata doctor suspended after sex, drug misconduct — (The Maryland Gazette)
Why is Violence Against Teachers Being Covered Up? — (TPNN)
Pasadena man pleads guilty to animal cruelty charges — (Maryland Gazette)
Maryland couple files Zoloft wrongful death claim in U.S. District Court in Philadelphia — (Pennsylvania Record)
Pilot Says Grace of God Saved Him in Plane Crash — (NBC Washington)
Former Student Claims U.S. Naval Academy Had ‘Zero Tolerance’ for Rape Victims — (The Daily Beast)
Man Involved With Death Violates Probation And Gets Another Chance — (The Pocomoke Public Eye)
Meta-analyses Suggest Antidepressants Are Only Marginally Better Than Placebo — (Medscape)
Driver pleads guilty to killing Hanover woman: Defendant lost control of van while on medication — (The Baltimore Sun)
SSRI Ed note: Man on methadone and antidepressants falls asleep at the wheel, kills a woman, keeps falling asleep even after the accident.
Troubled teen to be tried as adult in dad’s death — (NBC News)
SSRI Ed note: Treatment for depression starts girl on downhill spiral, at 15, taking Cymbalta and Phenergan, she arranges to have her father killed.
Parents’ Worst Nightmare — (Bethesda Magazine)
SSRI Ed note: Attractive, athletic teen taking Wellbutrin, Abilify & Effexor gets driving ticket with friend, (also in therapy), they react by killing themselves.
County police join frontlines in mental health — (Montgomery County Gazette)
SSRI Ed note: Teen prescribed Lexapro, lithium makes disturbing post, is handcuffed, detained, told to take less meds, given huge bill for cost of involuntary "care".
Characteristics of Perpetrators in Homicide-Followed-by-Suicide Incidents: National Violent Death Reporting System—17 US States, 2003–2005 — (American Journal of Epidemiology)
SSRI Ed note: Study of murder-suicides omits consideration of meds as contributing cause of deaths. Even so, the data show evidence antidepressants often a factor.
Lingering pain, Tina Marie Winkley’s story— (The Frederick News Post)
SSRI Ed note: Man taking antidepressants drinks, leaves wife of 30 years, later beats her to death, dies by overdose.
Antidepressant use, progression to diabetes linked — (Endocrine Today)
SSRI Ed note: Study indicates that patients who take antidepressant medications are at increased risk for developing diabetes,
State officials say children’s health improving — (The Washington Examiner)
SSRI Ed note: After 2007 black box warning introduced, rates of prescribing antidepressants to children drops in Maryland, suicide rate also drops.
I-Team: Public Defender Made Threats At Courthouse — (WBAL TV)
SSRI Ed note: Public defender taking Xanax and Zoloft threatens to shoot and kill co-workers and officials, is removed from duties.
Maryland Reservist killed by police after refusing deployment to Iraq — (Indy Bay News)
SSRI Ed note: Decorated soldier returns from Afghanistan addicted to antidepressants, does not want to go to Iraq, is suicidal, barricades himself in house, shot by police.
THE LEGACY OF A CRIME (Part 1 of 2): Nobody was supposed to get hurt — (The Frederick News-Post)
SSRI Ed note: Teen, 16, on Prozac, Ambien, hospitalized for suicide attempt kills nurse in attempt to escape. Potential role of med never raised. Gets life in prison.
Did military withhold correct treatment for mentally ill? — (The Philadelphia Inquirer)
SSRI Ed note: Army veteran on Effexor commits suicide,. Lack of counselling blamed.
Armed with handgun, former county police officer barricades himself in Laurel home — (The Gazette)
SSRI Ed note: Man on antidepressants threatens suicide, barricades himself in house with weapons and aunt, standoff with police, finally surrenders.
Md. Teen Gets Life For Poisoning Friend, Parole a Possibility in Howard Slaying — (Washington Post)
SSRI Ed note: Teen on Effexor poisons his friend, sentenced to 25 years. After the tragedy the medication is "drastically reduced", his mom says he is himself again.
Matthew Piepenburg — (2006 FDA Hearings)
Calvert Man, 18, Pleads Guilty to Molesting Boy — (Washington Post)
SSRI Ed note: 18-yr-old on Paxil rapes girl, molests 8-yr-old boy
Md. School Bus Driver Charged After Crash – At Least 2 Students Injured in Lusby — (Washington Post)
Pamela Wild — (2004 FDA Hearings)
Police officer sentenced to two years in prison in arson-for-profit ring. He apologizes for bringing stepson into fatal scheme — (The Baltimore Sun)
Couple’s deaths murder, suicide
Manic-Depressive Man Convicted: Of Assault While Off Medication — (The Capital Gazette)
SSRI Ed note: Man in withdrawal from Prozac and another drug has manic episode, attacks 2 women, is shot by police, chrged.
Extradition Hearing Set For Md. Slaying Suspect – Authorities Anticipate Prozac Defense — (Washington Post)
SSRI Ed note: Man on Prozac kills estranged wife, flees with 2 sons.
Estranged man kills self in wife’s office — (Washington Times)
SSRI Ed note: Man separates from wife, no evidence of depression, take Prozac, comes to her workplace and kills himself with shotgun. Uncharacteristic.
Judge rules man insane in arson Pharmacist said he obeyed ‘voices’ — (The Baltimore Sun)
SSRI Ed note: Man on Prozac starts setting fires of escalating magnitude, steals.
Suicidal Impulses: The Mystifying Death Of Marc Pizzuto — (Washington Post)
SSRI Ed note: Talented and popular student, 21, takes Prozac and commits suicide. Parents figure out that the med was responsible. FDA still denies Prozac-suicide link.
Four Settle Suit Against Father in Prozac Case — (The Washington Post)
Driver who hit cyclist ordered to undergo tests — (Baltimore Sun)
SSRI Ed note: Woman on Prozac deliberately rams a cyclist from behind with her car, then runs down and kills a 10-yr-old. Charged with first degree murder and attempt.