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HORRIFIC SCENE Who is Lindsay Clancy’s husband? — (The U.S. Sun)
A stacked deck: How police forces get away with killing more than 1,000 Americans a year — (Business Insider)
SSRI Ed note: Man who has been drinking takes Prozac, valium, antihistamine, becomes suicidal, agitated, girlfriemd calls police, he grabs a knife, is shot and killed.
Berkshire DA releases documents revealing possible motive in grisly murder-suicide — (The Berkshire Edge)
SSRI Ed note: Man treated at psychiatric facility, wife believes his opioid addiction a side effect of other medication, drinks, kills wife, three kids, then himself.
RFK granddaughter, Saoirse Kennedy Hill, died of drug overdose — (
SSRI Ed note: Mental illness system (sad adolescent prescribed fluoxetine, causing worse problems, more drugs cause suicidality etc) claims another victim.
Fratantonio acted on ‘primitive emotion’; Testimony in murder trial focuses on intensity of attack on wife — (Cape Cod Times)
SSRI Ed note: Man in withdrawal from antidepressant is paranoid, viciously stabs wife to death, in court expert blames PTSD and stress.
Failing kidneys. Memory trouble. Big weight gain. The REAL legacy of a lifetime on depression pills…— (The Daily Mail)
SSRI Ed note: Author sadly credits SSRIs for being productive despite her mom's negative mood influence, even while acknowledging their permanently damaging effects.
Medical Student Stabbed to Death in Library Was ‘The Little Engine That Could,’ Mom Says — (Yahoo)
SSRI Ed note: Man, diagnosed/drugged as teen breaks into neighbours' house, court forces meds on him, he stabs random med student in library, killing her. Disoriented.
Baum Hedlund Urges Dept of Justice to Reopen Investigation re Celexa / Lexapro Clinical Trials — (Baum, Hedlund, Aristei & Goldman)
SSRI Ed note: Forest Labs manipulates trials for Celexa, Lexapro to make them appear effective, after conviction for fraud law firm wants to revisit case for fraud.
Stabbing suspect’s sister: Mental illness behind attack — (Burlington Free Press)
SSRI Ed note: Troubled homeless man subjected to periodic forced drugging, many assault convictions, finally kills someone. Mental illness blamed.
Attorney for teen accused of encouraging boyfriend to kill himself raises questions about antidepressant — (The Boston Globe)
SSRI Ed note: Teenage couple both take citalopram, he is suicidal, she encourages him to kill himself, and he does. She is charged.
Families failed by a broken mental health care system often have no one to call but police — (The Boston Globe)
SSRI Ed note: Young man, 23, on Lexapro 3 weeks, drugged as child, is suicidal, goads police into shooting him. Police kill him despite warning. Killer cop awarded a medal.
A Quincy suicide leaves grief and questions — (The Boston Globe)
SSRI Ed note: Depression medication makes life worse for 18-year-old star student.
September death in Amherst of Marissa Jackson ruled suicide — (Amherst Bulletin)
Solvay Pharma Must Face Bribery Claims — (Courthouse News Service)
Lawsuit Alleges Celexa, Lexapro Makers Mislead On Safety for Children — (
Remy changes plea to guilty in stabbing death of girlfriend — (WCVB5)
SSRI Ed note: Man assaults, later kills his fiancee
Push renewed for forced mental treatment — (The Boston Globe)
SSRI Ed note: Man on Dexedrine, Prozac, neuroleptic meds since early youth attacks 3 women at random, killing one. Everyone blames "mental illness".
Sharon woman charged with motor vehicle homicide under the influence of alcohol after pregnant mom killed in pedestrian accident — (The Enterprise)
Study: Autism Linked to Antidepressant Drug Use During Pregnancy — (DrugWatch)
Megyn Kelly Trivializes Transgender Prison Inmate's Plea For Necessary Medical Treatment — (Media Matters)
Expert pans Fujita’s psychosis defense; Psychiatrist says rage led to killing — (Boston Globe)
SSRI Ed note: Man taking sister's medication for sleep, anxiety and antidepressant is increasingly depressed, withdrawn, murders his ex-girlfriend.
Troopers open fire after driver rams cruiser at Dunkin' Donuts — (
Killer denied parole — (Salem News)
SSRI Ed note: Teen govem Prozac for depression stabs and kills his mother, no memory, denied parole in 2013 due to "lack of insight" (he doesn't think he is mentally ill).
Brain Ailments in Veterans Likened to Those in Athletes — (New York Times)
SSRI Ed note: Iraq veteran suffers emotional problems, takes antidepressants, hangs himself. Researchers speculate C.T.E. a cause.
Did Massachusetts Fail Alleged Murderer Donald Rudolph? — (Boston Magazine)
Cousin: ‘She really is sick’ — (Salem News)
SSRI Ed note: Single mom on psych meds since she was 8 or 9, slashes throats of her two children, attempts suicide, sets apartment on fire, gets 20 - 25 years.
Woman given year in jail for bloody attack — (Berkshire Eagle)
Pills aren't the only treatment for depression — (Eagle Tribune)
Boston man faces multiple charges following chase with pregnant passenger — (Times Georgian)
SSRIs, Periodic Limb Movements of Sleep Linked in Children — (Family Practice News)
St. John’s Wort, Citalopram No Better Than Placebo for Minor Depression — (Psych Central)
Boyfriend Attempts to Kidnap his Girlfriend: Also Felt Suicidal
Man Stabs his Girlfriends & Then Runs Over Her With His Car
Woman Crashes her Car in Parking Lot: 8 Year Old Grandson Inside the Car
Man Assaults Member of Family & Threatens to Kill Them All: Had Weapons
Taunton man ruled ‘dangerous’ for 2 counts of attempted murder — (The Taunton Gazette)
SSRI Ed note: Man in withdrawal attacks 2 women
Mother Withholds Life Saving Medication from Young Son: Results in His Death
Man Driving Home from McLean Hospital Hits & Kills Pedestrian
Coed at Wellesley Found Not Guilty Due to Celexa Antidepressant Use: Stabbed Boyfriend 8 times
Marlborough man arrested on drug charges — (MetroWest Daily News)
Just how mentally ill was Tang? — (The Tech)
16 Year Old at Groton School Kills Himself
Woman Becomes Violent With Police: Is Shot to Death by Them
15 Year Old Phoebe Prince Kills Self: Six Who Bullied Her Were Arrested
Insane Or Cold-Blooded? Odgren’s Fate Rests With Jury — (Boston Channel News)
SSRI Ed note: Teen on psychoactive drugs for years, stabs 15-yr-old at school. Defence blames mental illness, claims NCR, but he is found guilty.
Man Robs a McDonald's in Salem
21 Year Old Woman on Experimental Antidepressant Runs Away From Home
Father: Son may have had breakdown — (Sentinel and Enterprise)
SSRI Ed note: National Guard captain has manic episode on Paxil, assaults 4, screams about bomb in car, job loss likely due to incident.
Discharged patient commits murder-suicide — were her docs to blame? — (Healthcare Business & Technology)
SSRI Ed note: Woman on "psychotropic prescriptions" for depression, "bipolar disorder" has psychotic break, kills niece, nephew and self. Family blames everything buit meds.
Man Has Huge Cache of Weapons in His House