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Solvay Pharma Must Face Bribery Claims — (Courthouse News Service)
Attorneys Lay Out Case As Fry Trial Begins — (North Kingstown Patch)
SSRI Ed note: Woman kills daughter, takes overdose two weeks after starting antidepressant.
Body of missing R.I. woman recovered off Chatham — (Cape Cod Times)
Man Tries to Run Down Two Police Officers Using His SUV: 5 Hour Stand-Off
Julia Steiny: A child with mental-health hurdles needs a team effort — (Providence Journal)
SSRI Ed note: Mom lets MD put children on antidepressants that cause serious problems incl mood swings, oldest diagosed bipolar. Mom never figures out cause.
Bad weather blamed in Block Island plane crash — (Providence Journal)
SSRI Ed note: Pilot taking Prozac and Wellbutrin takes off in perilous conditions, shortly after crashes killing all 3 aboard.
Man gets 30 years for double homicide — (The Providence Journal)
SSRI Ed note: Man taking Prozac, Vicodin, Xanex, Effexor and Elavil gets into a bar fight bar, kills two men. Diminished capacity agreed at trial, he gets 60 years.
Controversial Paxil paper still under fire 13 years later — (The Brown Daily Herald)
SSRI Ed note: Controversial in 2004, this study would remain controversial until BMJ republished a reanalysis with a valid conclusion in 2015.
The Ethics and Science of Medicating Children — (Ethical Human Psychology and Psychiatry) — (Ethical Human Psychology and Psychiatry)
SSRI Ed note: No evidence that drugging children has real benefits, many harms, and perceptions that it works are the result of pharmaceutical marketing.
Dennis Winter — (2004 FDA HEARINGS)
SSRI Ed note: Talented young woman with wonderful life takes Paxil and dies by suicide after one week.
Man Becomes Manic on Prozac: Later Commits a Murder — (The Providence Journal-Bulletin)