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Teacher had sex with students at alcohol-fueled house party, SC report says — (CBS17)
SSRI Ed note: Teacher on antidepressants openly admits having sex with student, is charged following incidents at party with sex and booze. Loses job.
Sean O’Haire’s final fight was one he couldn’t win — (The Post and Courier)
Garber shooting: Expert says deputies broke protocol — (The Mansfield News Journal)
SSRI Ed note: Police are called to domestic incident of man on Zoloft (it "makes him mean"), they escalate, man threatens them, they kill him. Killing a "breach of protocol".
Man accused of stabbing wife in Walmart pleads guilty, gets sentenced — (Greenville News)
Former Bluffton man declared unfit to possess weapons to get rifles, shotgun back — (The Island Packet)
Celexa & Women's Libido — (
Liberty Murder Suspect Squandered Thousands after Filing Bankruptcy — (Easeley Patch)
Man shot by mother expected to recover — (Independent Mail)
Ex-husband charged with murder — (THE PORTERVILLE RECORDER)
S.C. Upholds Death Sentence in Machine-Gun Killing — (Metropolitan News-Enterprise)
SSRI Ed note: Man on antispsychotic, Trazodone drinks, gets into fight, killing man, then shoots and kills stranger at stoplight for looking at this girlfriend. On death row.
Jailed Conway lawyer disbarred — (Myrtle Beach Online)
South Carolina teen faces adult charges for school attack — (Reuters)
SSRI Ed note: Teen on medications for ADHD and depression makes bombs, carries guns, shoots a school official. No motive can be identified.
Woman Deliberately Drives into Group of Children Walking to School: 4 injured
Man Gets 7 Years for Shooting at Police
Soldier Attempts Suicide: Draws Smiley Face On Wall With his Own Blood
Judge denies bond for Duley — (The Times and Democrat)
SSRI Ed note: Young mum on antidepressants and sleeping meds smothers her sons, drives their bodied off an embankment into a resevoir,
Soldier, a Vietnam Vet, Kills Another Man & Then Himself
Mother Investigated in 17 Year Old Daughter's Death: Mother Then Dies of Heart Failure
Postpartum: Depressed New Mom Commits Suicide After Antidepressant Adjusted
Man's Wife Puts Depression Med in his Food: He Hallucinates: Hospitalized: Then Shoots Mother-In-Law
Testimony continues in Eliaderani murder trial — (
71 Year Old Man in Silver Jaguar Robs Bank: Then Commits Suicide in Car
14 Year Old Girl Attempts Suicide in School Classroom
10 years for chef’s death — (The Post and Courier)
10 years for chef's death — (The Post and Courier)
73 Year Old Man Kills Wife & Dog: Attempts to Kill Self
Ex-Graham aide sentenced to 18 months for pilfering campaign coffers — (Independent Mail)
SSRI Ed note: Woman starts Zoloft and pilfering campaign funds "around the same time". Blames "bipolar illness".
Wife tells of fatal fight — (The Post and Courier)
SSRI Ed note: Man starts taking new antidepressant, resumes alcoholism after being dry for years, attacked wife's disabled son, she shoots, kills him.
Doctor gets 3 years in prison for shooting wife — (Myrtle Beach Sun News)
SSRI Ed note: Retired physician on antidepressants shoots and kills unfaithful wife.
Senter’s mental health brought out during trial — ( The Horry Independent)
SSRI Ed note: Man, long time psychiatric patient, on Zoloft, becomes increasingly agitated, delusional, threatens murder-suicide but shoots wide instead. She survives.
Mental Health: Survivors of Suicide: A Carolina Crisis — (WSPA 7 News)
SSRI Ed note: Teen, on antidepressant for 6 weeks, kills himself. Family, not understanding cause, talks about communication, asks people not to "choose" suicide.
Couple killed at RV camp on lake — (The State)
SSRI Ed note: Man on several antidepressants, no prior incidents, does not take his meds for several days, shoots and kills his former girlfriend and her new boyfriend.
Accident leads to death of Easley man — (The Independent)
SSRI Ed note: Man on antidepressants drinks, drives without seatbelt, dies in accident. Passenger injured.
Former Deputy Testifies In Pittman Trial, Man Says Antidepressant Made Him Crash Car Into House — (WYFF4 Greenville)
SSRI Ed note: Man on Paxil becomes "afraid of himself", crashes car into home of estranged wife.
Former Spartanburg Co. volunteer firefighter sentenced to 2 years for setting fires — (10WIStv)
SSRI Ed note: Teenage volunteer firefighter on antidepressants sets fires on purpose, perhaps seeking excitement/stimulation.
Paramedic takes stand in trial for his shooting — (
SSRI Ed note: Woman on antidepressants becomes violent, shoots paramedic.
Councilman says chief wasn’t target of a criminal probe — (The Sun News)
SSRI Ed note: Man on Paxil shoots himself while talking on the phone about fixing a speeding ticket.
Woman charged with obtaining prescription drugs — (Spartanburg Herald-Journal)
Bond denied for slaying suspect — (The Augusta Chronicle)
SSRI Ed note: Woman in antidepressant withdrawal kills physician husband. "Relapse" into mental illness is blamed.
Man drives van with family into pond, later commits suicide — (
Expert: Boy had psychotic ‘mood disorder’ when he killed his grandparents — (CourtTV) Jurors find teenager guilty of murdering his grandparents — (
SSRI Ed note: 12-yr-old on Zoloft murders his grandparents, is tried as an adult, jury does not believe the drug could cause violence, sentence him to life.
Guilty Plea to Rape Charge Draws 21 Years in Prison — (Post and Courier)
Lilly faces Prozac lawsuit — (The Indianapolis Star)
SSRI Ed note: Teen prescibed Prozac for Tourettes hangs himself, parents sue Lilly and manufacturer of generic.
Judges Reduce Sentences in Latest Paxil and Prozac Criminal Cases — (Dr Peter Breggin)
Toccoa man to appeal Tennessee ruling — (Anderson Independent-Mail)
Troubles plague suspect; Grandparents still shocked about slaying accusation — (Charleston Daily Mail)
Man charged with setting woman on fire Girlfriend in serious condition after surgery for severe burns — (The Herald-Journal)
Teen’s Life Full Of Contradictions – The 15-Year-Old Who Shot Two Teachers And Then Himself Hinted That He Would Not Be Alive Much Longer — (The Augusta Chronicle)
SSRI Ed note: Quite, shy teen on Zoloft, in trouble on many fronts, carries gun to school, walks around shooting people, kills one teacher. Then commits suicide.
Man Convicted In Wounding Of Trooper — (The Augusta Chronicle)
SSRI Ed note: Man on Prozac and anti-anxiety med (probably benzo) develops drinking problem, interaction makes him "high", he shoots a trooper. Potential 10 yr sentence.