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Family of West Point cadet who died by suicide blames medical negligence at Portland VA — (Task & Purpose)
SSRI Ed note: Woman prescribed Prozac by VA after ankle injury becomes suicidal, anxious, reports that the med is the problem, is ignored, dies by suicide. Parents sue.
Dutch Court Rules for Plaintiff – Seroxat (Paxil) Psychological Damage — (Bob Fiddaman Blog)
SSRI Ed note: GP puts 14-yr-old boy on high dose of Seroxat after father dies. He attempts suicide 6 times, becomes hostile, emotions dull. As adult he sues GSK, wins.
EXCLUSIVE: ‘Daddy, please kill me I can’t do this any more’: Meet the CHILDREN prescribed anti-depressants for anxiety that ‘made them suicidal’ — (Daily Mail Australia)
SSRI Ed note: Lawyer launches class action lawsuit on behalf of children prescribed Aropax (paroxetine), Zoloft, harmed by the medications.
GSK Must Pay $3 Million in Generic Paxil Suicide Lawsuit: U.S. Jury — (New York Times)
SSRI Ed note: In a groundbreaking case, a widow does not settle, wins lawsuit against GSK for the suicide of her attorney husband. Jury agrees GSK lied, hid risks.
Moms reach $6.2m settlement over claims that anti-depressant caused kids’ heart problems — (MSN)
SSRI Ed note: FIfty woman who took Paxil while pregnant, with kids suffering birth defects as a result, settle class action lawsuit with GSK for $6.2 million.
Zoloft Class Action Claims Drug Company Misled Consumers about Zoloft’s Ability to Treat Depression — (Baum, Hedlund, Aristei Goldman)
SSRI Ed note: Baum Hedlund files class action lawsuit alleging that Pfizer knew Zoloft has dangerous side effects, while not effective for treating depression.
Florida Court Rules Physician May Be Liable in Suicide — (Medscape)
SSRI Ed note: G.P. prescribes Effexor, woman does not feel right on it, advises GP, he changes to Lexapro without seeing her, she dies by suicide. Husband sues.
Jacksonville PD investigating apparent murder-suicide — (6 WBRC News)
SSRI Ed note: Man is prescribed Lexapro, shoots and kills himself and wife one day after starting the med. Wife's ex files a lawsuit against Forest Labs for failure to warn.
Covington Lawyers Kill on Cross-Exams in Cymbalta Case — (American Lawyer)
SSRI Ed note: Lawyers triumph defending corrupt drug safety system
St. Louis jury hears nation’s first suit claiming Zoloft caused birth defects — (St Louis Post-Dispatch)
SSRI Ed note: Mom is first to sue Pfizer because Zoloft caused her baby to be born with multiple heart problems. Jury decides plaintiff's did not prove drug was cause.
Lexapro Maker Must Face Claims Tied to Suicide — (Courthouse News Service)
SSRI Ed note: Woman has akathisia on Paxil, switched to Lexapro, gets worse, dies by suicide. Forest motion arguing preemption is denied.
1st Circuit Tosses Suit Over Antidepressant — (Courthouse News Service)
SSRI Ed note: Parents file false advertising claim against Forest Labs, court (effectively) decides that FDA prerogative overrides consumers rights.
Solvay Pharma Must Face Bribery Claims — (Courthouse News Service)
Lawsuit Alleges Celexa, Lexapro Makers Mislead On Safety for Children — (
GSK pays $105 million in settlement for alleged improper marketing of drugs — (MoneyLife)
Prozac Lawsuits — (Drug Reporter)
SSRI Ed note: Article describes a number of lawsuits with common theme Eli Lilly failed to warn about serious side effects.
Generic Paxil Suicide – Judge Rules Widow’s Case Can Move Forward against GSK — (Baum Hedlund)
Woman sues husband’s doctor following apparent suicide — (The Cook County Record)
Family of mother who took her own life to sue health board — (HeraldScotland)
Louisiana sues Pfizer, saying it misled public about Zoloft — (
PA Supreme Court declines to hear appeal in Phila. Paxil wrongful death case that ended with defense victory — (The Pennsylvania Record)
Mother Sues Pfizer Over Son’s Death from Zoloft Birth Defects — (Top Class Actions)
Saint Thomas Sued In Death Of Teen Who Took Prozac, Other Meds — (The Tennessean)
Doctor fought for jury trial and lost — (The Canton Repository)
SSRI Ed note: Dr. Morris Kinast prescribes Paxil to 9-yr-old in 2007, despite FDA warnings. He commits suicide on the medication at age 11. His parents sue Kinast.
Maryland couple files Zoloft wrongful death claim in U.S. District Court in Philadelphia — (Pennsylvania Record)
Pfizer disputes suit claiming Zoloft doesn't work — (The Seattle Times)
Wright & Schulte LLP Files SSRI Antidepressant Birth Defects Lawsuit on Behalf of Couple Who Lost Infant to Heart Birth Defects, Allegedly Due to Paxil and Zoloft — (PRWEB)
Teen who blames Prozac for his fatal stabbing of friend suing doctors — (Sun News)
Jury Awards 1.5 Million In Paxil Related Suicide Malpractice Suit — (MillerPlace-RockyPointPatch)
Canada’s first class-action lawsuit involving birth defects allegedly caused by anti-depressents gets green light — (Maclean’s)
Zoloft Drugmaker Blamed for Child Death — (Injury Lawyer News)
Lawsuit Against The NHLPA By The Late Derek Boogaard’s Family Signals Legal Concern For The NHL —(Ruling Sports)
Health Canada tight-lipped on Champix suicides — (Toronto Star)
Pfizer's Wyeth ordered to face class-action over Pristiq — (REUTERS)
Woman battles CPS to get her kids back — (AZ family 3)
Second Zoloft trial over suicide starts next week — (Legal Newsline)
Top 10 Drugs with Heart Side Effects —(
Paxil Nightmare — Birth-Defect Lawsuits Mounting — (WEBWIRE)
Mom Says Taking Zoloft Killed Her Newborn — (Courthouse News)
$3.02M Verdict In Paxil case — (Albuquerque Journal News)
SSRI Ed note: Family of woman who killed herself on Paxil sue health provider, GSK, jury awards $3.02 million against provider, judge excludes GSK from suit.
Woman dies from drug overdose in nursing home — (Wilkes & McHugh)
Invisible no more: Widower encouraged after testifying on medical malpractice bill — (The Day)
SSRI Ed note: Woman prescribed antidepressants has suicidal thoughts, calls psychiatrist 9 times, calls unanswered, she commits suicide. Husband sues.
Damages awarded to family of seizure death man — (BBC News)
Firm with Earth City unit is settling suits over drugs tied to suicides — (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)
10 Years Later, Glaxo Still Haunted by Faked Studies of Paxil in Kids — (CBS Money Watch)
VAN DYKE v. U.S. — (Leagle)
SSRI Ed note: Widow claims VA nurse owed her a duty of care to warn re: suicidality when she reported husband's reaction to Paxil, 2 weeks before his suicide. Court agrees.
State sued for school 'abuse' of autistic boy — (The Age – Victoria)
Anti-depressant led to elderly couple's murder-suicide, Jackson suit claims — (The West Virginia Record)