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Soldier, 22 Years Old, Becomes Violent With Police: They Shoot Him Dead
Soldier Home From Afghanistan Stabs His Girlfriend
Soldiers: 36% of the Soldiers Who Killed Themselves Never Saw Deployment
Soldier, 26 Years Old, Home From Iraq Is Taking 2 Antidepressants & Sleeping Pill: Kills Self
Soldier, 39 Years Old, Home From Iraq, Kills Himself
Soldiers: Antidepressant Increases Followed by More Suicides: Senator Sees a Connection
Soldier, Home From Iraq, Has Suicidal Two-Hour Stand-Off With Police
Soldiers:1 in 10 Soldiers at Fort Bragg Take Antidepressant: Many More Take Other Psychotropic Meds
Soldier's Use of Paxil & Zoloft: Army General Issues Warning About These Two Drugs
Soldier, Home From Kuwait & Iraq, Attempts to Kills 3 Policemen: Dose of A/D Had Just Been Doubled
Suspect's mom says son was victim's friend — (FayObserver)
Identities of Superior Shooting Victims Confirmed — (Source not Available)
Soldiers in Army: Highest Suicide Rate Ever: 1/3rd Taking Prescription Drugs Like Antidepressants
Soldiers High Suicide Rate May Be Due to A/D's With Black Box Warning on Suicidality
Soldier, a Vietnam Vet, Kills Another Man & Then Himself
Soldier's Condition Made Worse by Antidepressants: Recovers From Depression Using Acupuncture
Soldiers: 32 Die of Toxcity From Prescription Drugs in Last 3 Years: Wounded Warrirors Unit
Soldier Attempts Suicide: Recovers After Discontinuing Most of his Meds
Soldier, 21, Home From Iraq Hangs Self
Soldier, 32 Year Old Woman, Dies in Her Sleep
Soldier Makes a Suicide Attempt by Overdosing on his Antidepressants & Sleeping Pills
Soldier Runs Away From Psychiatric Hospital & Kills Self
Horror comes home: Veterans with posttraumatic stress disorder — (Canadian Family Physician)
Deputy, gunman killed in Pahrump shootout — (Las Vegas Review-Journal)
SSRI Ed note: Man on 14 different drugs, including anti-anxiety pills, steroids, and anti-depressants prescribed by Veterans Affairs shoots Deputy in RV park.
Soldier Attempt Suicide: Transitional Units for Soldiers Criticized
Soldier Breaks Into Restaurants
Soldier Seriously Wounds Girlfriend: Originally Charged With Attempted Murder
Soldier Shoots Self on Steps of VA Medical Center
Soldiers: House Committee on VA Affairs: 1 In 6 Soldiers Medicated, Mostly With SSRIs
Soldiers: Suicides Among 20 to 24 Year Olds: 4 Times the Average: FDA Black Box For Suicidality
Eric Jasinski jailed for not deploying to Iraq — (Courage to Resist Newsletter)
SSRI Ed note: Soldier given trazodone and Zoloft for PTSD told to deploy to Iraq, he refusesF.
Soldier, Now Retired, Becomes Violent on Aircraft
G.I. Drugged American Conservative
SSRI Ed note: Kern gets suicidal thoughts on Paxil. Needham given Zoloft, other meds dies after surgery. Eastridge's A/D does not work, dose doubled, accessory to murder.
Soldiers: VA Clinical Settings: Suicide Rate Was Twice the Base Rate Following Antidepressant Starts
Soldiers [One Hundred] Die Suddenly on Cocktail of Meds for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Are Veterans Being Given Deadly Cocktails to Treat PTSD? — (Alternet)
SSRI Ed note: Veteran, drugged into stupor with Paxil, Klonapin and Seroquel develops serious health problems from his prescribed meds, then dies from their effects.
Father: Son may have had breakdown — (Sentinel and Enterprise)
SSRI Ed note: National Guard captain has manic episode on Paxil, assaults 4, screams about bomb in car, job loss likely due to incident.
Soldier, 29 Years Old, Shoots & Kills Neighbor
Soldiers: Veteran's Govt. Meeting: More Soldiers Kill Themselves Than Killed in Combat
Summary of Hearings to consider the relationship between medication and veteran suicide — (US House of Reps Committee on Veterans’ Affairs)
Soldiers: Dept. of Defense Studying Link Between High Suicide Rate Among Vets & Medications
Soldier Becomes Violent During One Day Withdrawal from Depression Med
Over the Meds and Under the Hood — (Truethout)
SSRI Ed note: Psychiatrist who is part of a system that grossy over-prescribes psychoactive drugs goes on a rampage himself, killing 13. Later he is sentenced to death.
Soldier Assaults Hospital Staff: A/D Said To Be Affecting His Mood
Tough old soldier battles new enemy: Suicide epidemic — (McClatchy DC)
Army officer blames medication mixup for shoplifting incident — (USA TODAY)
Soldier Steals Truck: Other Offenses Involved
Soldier Has Loss of Emotions on Depression Med: Counseling Worked for Him
Soldier Stabs to Death Two Fellow Soldiers
Report of the Commission of Inquiry into the Death of Corporal Jordan Leigh Talay — (Commission report)
SSRI Ed note: Man, 27, high performer in Australian air force, takes antidepressants, is suicidal, uses defence internet for child porn, hangs himself.