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Suicide GP ‘frustrated’ at work — (BBC News)
SSRI Ed note: Committed GP takes citalopram & tricyclic, starts to drink and dies by suicide. Husband completely shocked.
Doctor gets 3 years in prison for shooting wife — (Myrtle Beach Sun News)
SSRI Ed note: Retired physician on antidepressants shoots and kills unfaithful wife.
Innocents betrayed by a mum — (The Herald Sun)
SSRI Ed note: Nurse starts Zoloft, decides to break up her marriage, later kills her two little boys.
LEYTON: “Incompetent” GP escapes sack — (East London and West Essex Guardian)
SSRI Ed note: Physician on antidepressants adopts careless, cavalier attitude to patient treatment, is found to have competence problems by GMC.
Second Doctor Implicated In La Jolla Surgeon’s Case: Lasik Doctor Accused Of Prescription Fraud, Domestic Violence — (NBC San Diego)
SSRI Ed note: Physician on Lexapro assaults girlfriend while driving. Faces various charges.
Local doctor’s license suspended (w/ documents) — (The Shelby Star)
SSRI Ed note: Physician takes Lexapro for depression, anxiety, has a drink, chokes wife, drives impaired, speeds to evade arrest, crashes car.
National ADHD plan needed to standardise use: report — (The West Australian)
SSRI Ed note: Australian psychiatrists, paediatricians are inconsistent in how they prescribe stimulants, antidepressants to kids.
Butcher victims top 1200 — (The Daily Telegraph)
SSRI Ed note: Gynaecologist on Zoloft for depression sexually mutilates and abuses hundreds of women, is charged, jailed.
Depression: your questions answered — (The Sunday Times)
SSRI Ed note: Physician writes about depression, offering false and misleading information to readers. [ Says bad diagnoses, not drugs, cause all the problems with SSRIs.]
Psychiatrist found not guilty of murdering her daughter — (The Irish Times)
SSRI Ed note: Psychiatrist prescribed 3 antidepressants starting Sept, tries, quits each one, in Nov murders daughter, 16. Not guilty due to insanity. Meds ID'd as cause.
Dr. Drug Rep — (The New York Times Magazine)
SSRI Ed note: Doctor relates his experience of being recruited to lie to other professionals about the benefits of Effexor, and how he came to realize what was happening.
Monitors report no aggression before hospital murder — (The Windsor Star)
SSRI Ed note: Doc who takes antidepressant as condition of being allowed back to work following suicide attempt kills a nurse and himself.
A doctor’s downfall, McLean’s fallout — (The Boston Globe)
SSRI Ed note: Hospital President on antidepressants loses reputation after becoming sexually involved with a patient, attempting suicide.
Bomb-threat doctor may be detained — (The Seattle Times)
SSRI Ed note: Doctor on Effexor misses flight, calls in bomb threat, flight diverted.
Reprimands didn’t halt doctors’ drug testing — (The New York Times)
SSRI Ed note: Psychiatrist with major conflict of interest is paid by pharma to recruit patients for drug trials, he defies med Board order, places money above safety.
‘Depressed’ pharmacist who attacked woman says she is sorry — (The Scotsman)
SSRI Ed note: Pharmacist on antidepressants upset over marriage breakdown attacks woman with partial sight, kicking her in the head.
MD’s family files suit over post-discharge suicide — (CBC)
SSRI Ed note: Psychiatrist takes M.D. patient off her depression medications "to get a clear diagnosis", she commits suicide.
Cyanide suicide — (This is Wirral)
SSRI Ed note: Physician (toxicologist) impulsively poisons himself in front of his fiancee 5 weeks after starting antidepressants.
Doctor banned for patient love affairs — (The Age)
SSRI Ed note: Psychiatrist on antidepressants has affair, in trouble, begins a second affair with another vulnerable patient, quits antidepressant, lies, is caught again.
Doctor talks of meds’ effect on defendant — (The Oregonian)
SSRI Ed note: Man on Serzone (now withdrawn from US market), Wellbutrin starts downward spiral, murders wife. Misinformation about "bilpolar". Mental illness blamed.
Strange twist — (Bristol Herald Courier)
SSRI Ed note: Man in two days' withdrawal from Lexapro takes elderly father out, murders him, blames the meds.
Lawyer: Doctor sought hit man; Prosecutor says surgeon asked cellmate to kill wife — (The Courier Post)
SSRI Ed note: Doctor with no history of domestic violence stops antidepressant, shoots estranged wife, tries to hire a hit man to finish the job.
Doctor In Prozac Suit Wants Filing Sealed — (Sun-Sentinal)
SSRI Ed note: Dr. asks that his role in marketing effort that included mailing samples Prozac to people be kept out of public domain.
A Doctor’s Toxic Shock — (New York Times)
SSRI Ed note: Doctor takes Wellbutrin, discovers it has terrible side effects, realizes what patients who cannot metabolize it must experience.
Depressed psychiatrist received “poor care” — (BBC NEWS)
SSRI Ed note: Psychiatrist takes lithium, Prozac for depression, possibly postpartum, stops meds. stabs herself and her 3-mo-old baby, sets fire. Both die.
Doctor harassed after plea, Family of teen killed seeks tougher charge — (Times-Picayune)
SSRI Ed note: Physician on Celexa drinks, causes car wreck that kills teenager.
Pediatrician not guilty by reason of insanity in attacks on children — (Chicago Tribune)
SSRI Ed note: Woman has antidepressant dosage increased, next day she attacked her two sons, killing the elder.
Warrant Issued for Physician — (The Arizona Republic)
SSRI Ed note: Pediatrician takes antidepressants, is suicidal, has gambling problem, begins to think strangely, disappears.
Psychiatrist found dead in his own building — (Globe and Mail)
SSRI Ed note: Psychiatrist treating own depression with medication, missing for 9 days, is found dead in own building.
Expert: Urologist insane at time she killed parents — (The Newark Star-Ledger)
Cross-Dressing Doctor Guilty in Wife-Slaying — (The Los Angeles Times)
SSRI Ed note: Successful doctor on antidepressants drinks heavily, borrows rifle and kills wife. Pleads NCR, court rejects argument.
Sex and drugs surface in shrink’s murder case — (IOL News)
Mother who killed son on subway dies of injuries — (CBC News)
SSRI Ed note: New mum stops taking antidepressants for post partum depression jumps in front of subway, killing her baby son instantly. She dies within a week.
$500,000 bail set for doctor accused accused of hiring hit man — (The Star-Ledger)
Urologist returned to court; Motion to revoke Bina’s bail heard — (Bangor Daily News)
To Die For: The Shocking True Story of Serial Killer Dana Sue Gray — (St Martin’s Paperbacks)
SSRI Ed note: Woman good neighbour, "dedicated" and caring nurse takes Paxil, overspends, murders elderly women and uses their credit cards to spend more.
A Mystifying Murder And the Del Mar Doc — (The San Diego Reader)
A LIVING TESTAMENT — (The Miami Herald)
SSRI Ed note: Popular, successful psychotherapist takes Xanax, Prozac, Trazodone, other meds, is stressed, dies of heart failure, officially no explanation.
Kansas Doctor Is Accused in Fire That Killed 2 of Her Children — (New York Times)
SSRI Ed note: Oncologist on Prozac, Tranxene, Klonopin tries to poison husband, takes more meds that usual, sets fire to house, killing 2 children 13 & 6.
Fatal Attraction : Obsessions: He was a successful doctor and inventor, but ultimately, he succumbed to the siren song of Hollywood. In the end, Steve Ammerman’s dream–and his weakness for drugs–may have killed him. — (Los Angeles Times)
SSRI Ed note: Aspiring film-maker and doctor loses everything - including his life - due to drugs, including antidepressants.
Medical Lab Chief To Be Replaced — (Chicago Tribune)
SSRI Ed note: Physician takes Prozac for anxiety, loses judgement, switches patient tissue samples., loses job.
Trials And Troubles In Happy Valley — (Newsweek)
SSRI Ed note: Town where psychologist prescribes many reesidents Prozac suddenly has high rate of sex crimes, "grisly" murders.
MD’s urge to kill wife ‘sudden and impulsive’ She thought his mental illness could be controlled by medication and therapy, murder trial jury hears — (The Hamilton Spectator)
SSRI Ed note: Physician on Prozac suddenly attacks his wife, sent to McMAster psych ward where he gets treatment, murders his wife upon release.
SSRI Ed note: Depressed British doctor takes Prozac out of curiosity, it makes him feel agitated and violent. He stops when he realizes he could harm someone.
Doctor Given 6-Month Jail Term — (Fayetteville Observer)
SSRI Ed note: Physician takes too much Prozac, tries to hire hitman to kill wife's friend. Gets 15 yrs.