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Man, 56, suffering from tinnitus took his own life on walk to ‘build trust’ with wife — (The Mirror)
SSRI Ed note: Retiree with busy social life is prescribed antidepressants, dose is increased and he dies by suicide several days later.
‘Dad would never hurt mom intentionally’: Toronto man, 82, apologizes for strangling Helen Fronczak, his wife of nearly 60 years — (Toronto Star)
SSRI Ed note: Man given antidepressants after tragedy is withdrawn, lethargic, strangles beloved wife in fit of delirium, no memory after. Media sees domestic violence.
My Husband’s Suicide: Recognizing Predictors of Police Suicide — (In Public Safety)
SSRI Ed note: Wife of retired police officer who took medication for anxiety, stress which "made things worse", led to suicide, urges others to get "help" too.
Roger Self was a prominent businessman who had a background in law enforcement — (The Gaston Gazette)
SSRI Ed note: Devout christian/model citizen on antidepressant has personality change, drives car into restaurant family dinner, kills 2, injures 4. Mental illness blamed.
Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock was prescribed anti-anxiety drug months before killing — (The Washington Examiner)
SSRI Ed note: Ordinary, sane retired accountant on anti-anxiety meds shoots people at concert killing 59, dies by suicide. No motive, no brain abnormality found.
What happened to Lionel Desmond? An Afghanistan veteran whose war wouldn’t end — (The Globe and Mail)
SSRI Ed note: Afghanistan vet, given Effexor, Risperdal, Zopiclone, Prazosin for PTSD, gets worse, shoots and kills his mother, wife, daughter and himself. PTSD blamed.
Police: ‘Very lackadaisical’ driver charged in fatal crash had double dose of antidepressant in system — (The News Tribune)
SSRI Ed note: Woman, 73, on antidepressants causes fatal crash, appears unconcerned.
Tragedy of St Albans bleach death man — (Herts Advertiser)
SSRI Ed note: Man, 75, on antidepressants and sad over personal losses commits suicide by drinking bleach; efforts to save him fail. Depressive disorder blamed.
After a meticulously-planned suicide attempt, ex-Bears QB Erik Kramer lives on — (The Chicago Tribune)
SSRI Ed note: Football player down due to career dip starts antidepressants on-and-off 10-15 yrs, becomes suicidal, shoots himself, stops meds, recovers. Can't explain.
Man arrested in Salt Lake stabbing death of wife — (Hawaii News Now)
SSRI Ed note: Man, 65, in happy marriage 35 years, murders his wife and attempts suicide after starting antidepressants. Family shocked. Mental illness blamed.
For loved ones of family killed in murder-suicide, no making sense of deaths — (Tri-City Herald)
SSRI Ed note: Successful retired naval officer, takes zolpidem & antidepressant, kills himself and beloved wife and daughter. Everyone shocked. Depression blamed.
Inquest: Poppy Seller’s Death Was Suicide — (Sky News)
SSRI Ed note: Woman, 76, long history of charitable activity, history of depression, suicidality, taking antidepressants, dies by jumping into gorge. Fundraising blamed.
Devoted elderly couple made apparent suicide pact, inquest hears — (Croydon Advertiser)
SSRI Ed note: Devoted father and husband takes antidepressants, talks wife into suicide pact, they go to a park slit their wrists, he dies, she is rescued.
Opera singer hanged herself over fears she was losing her voice and would be ousted from choir — (The Mirror)
SSRI Ed note: Pensioner visits GP for insomnia, tiredness, gets antidepressant, hangs herself 2 weeks later. Husband theorizes motive is fear she will be dropped by choir.
The Secret Service scandals, explained — (VOX Politics)
SSRI Ed note: Troubled vet on antidepressants becomes increasingly paranoid,fstand tried to scale White House fence with a knife.
Infant slain in Little Village was cut in neck with power saw — (Chicago Sun-Times)
SSRI Ed note: Woman on antidepressants stuffs a sock in baby's mouth, kills her with saw.
Grandad hanged himself at his Gillow Heath home — (Stoke Sentinel)
Norfolk woman hit by train struggled to cope with anti-depressant drugs — (EDP24)
SSRI Ed note: Woman takes Prozac, almost dies by suicide, a week later goes through with it.
OAP who shot wife and dog then himself had secret affair – and wrongly thought he had cancer — (The Daily Record)
SSRI Ed note: G.P. gives man in 70's antidepressants for feeling bad about a brief affair, develops paranoid ideas, kills his beloved wife, their pet dog and himself.
Man killed after long highway chase — (Daily Inter Lake)
SSRI Ed note: Suicidal man on antidepressants exchanges gunfire with police, leads a high speed chase through two counties.
Missing elderly man recently taken off antidepressant — (WZZM)
Retired police officer Bill Dowling shot himself after shooting ex, inquest heard — (Western Daily Press)
Police officer, 49, who suffered from depression after he was kidnapped and pistol-whipped, stabbed himself to death on his second week of retirement — (Daily Mail Online)
Missing man’s plane found at airport, wrecked with his body on board — (The Post and Courier)
The Black Box Warning: Antidepressant Medication, Monitoring, HIPAA Confidentiality, and Suicide: A LETTER TO CONGRESS — (Mental Health Law and Policy Journal)
Barnet Council tenant on Stonegrove Estate in Edgware took fatal overdose hours before eviction by Barnet Homes — (Hendon and Finchley Times)
Franciscus Van de Gender inquest: Body of former anti-Nazi freedom fighter found on island in Thames — (The Mirror)
Coroner praises programme to prevent suicides — (Eastern Daily Press)
Devoted Scholar Green husband 'hit hard' by death of wife — (The Sentinel)
Coroner records open verdict on woman’s death — (Belper News)
Pensioner took own life — (Daily Echo)
Inquest Findings in the Death of Rosemary Haldane — (Victoria Coroner’s Court, Melbourne)
Grandmother Who Shot 2 Grandsons Left Suicide Note — (NBC Connecticut)
SSRI Ed note: Devoted grandma diagnosed, medicated for depression & bipolar, sometimes stops meds, shoots, kills 2 grandsons and self. Leaves vengeful note.
Widow killed herself after tiff with new partner — (The Swindon Advertiser)
“They’d had a lifetime of bad luck over a very short period”: Retired couple plagued by string of family tragedies found dead in suspected murder-suicide — (The Daily Mirror)
SSRI Ed note: Happily married man given antidepressants to cope with loss shoot and kills wife of 46 years, then himself.
Causes of deaths released in murder-suicide — (The Topeka Capital-Journal)
SSRI Ed note: Retired veteran taking antidepressants, in divorce proceedings, murders wife, kills himself.
Prescription pills led to Littlehampton grandfather’s suicide — (Littlehampton Gazette)
The Tragic Suicide Death of Junior Seau — (Psych Central)
SSRI Ed note: Former NFL player takes Ambien, even though it is not helping him sleep. He dies by suicide, CTE is the suspected cause, not the med.
In the cart: Man from Stockport who stole 54 supermarket trolleys — (Manchester Evening News)
SSRI Ed note: Man on antidepressants with medication change steals shopping trolleys, stashes them in his yard. Given community service order.
Infanticide tragedy highlights elderly mental health care issues — (
Common drugs 'raise OAP death risk' — (London Evening Standard)
Antidepressant use and risk of adverse outcomes in older people — (BMJ) / Murder-suicides in Elderly Rise — (WebMD)
SSRI Ed note: Study finds risk rises significantly with use of antidepressants, higher with SSRIs than tricyclics. Murder-suicides in elderly up as rate of A/D use rises.
Jury convicts ex-Miami Beach cop of attempted murder — (Miami Herald)
SSRI Ed note: Man who shoots wife who is leaving him, and her boyfriend, pleads insanity. Experts at trial disagree whether medication a factor in his behaviour.
Wife denies murder after kitchen ‘tussle’ — (Surrey Today)
‘Selfless love’ motivated suffocation of partner — (Sydney Morning Herald)
Drugs ‘likely’ caused crash — (The Durango Herald)
SSRI Ed note: Man on antidepressants drives recklessly, causes a fatal crash, killing self and other motorists; perhaps accident, perhaps suicide.
Inquest told Flintshire woman left suicide note in a drawer — (The Wrexham Flintshire Leader)
SSRI Ed note: Woman takes antidepressants for 11 years, remains depressed, hangs herself while on high dose of Remeron / Mirtazapine.
Hallucinations in Hospital Pose Risk to Elderly — (The New York Times)
Anti-depressant led to elderly couple's murder-suicide, Jackson suit claims — (The West Virginia Record)
Former Safety Harbor Fire Chief William Jay Stout committed suicide, official says — (Tampa Bay Times)
SSRI Ed note: Retired Fire Chief is prescribed Celexa, three weeks later he commits suicide. Everyone shocked.