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College prof charged with killing baby — (The Pocono Record)
SSRI Ed note: Respected, competent professor takes antidepressants, kills her baby daughter with a knife to prevent her "suffering". Charged with murder.
Brighton Author And Jiu Jitsu Coach Marcus Trower Found Hanged — (The Argus)
SSRI Ed note: GP with no understanding that antidepressants can cause suicidality prescribes them to patient who becomes "subdued", hangs himself.
Teacher who told kids ‘believe in yourself’ hanged herself after low self esteem — (The Mirror)
SSRI Ed note: Popular, talented teacher put on Celexa by GP, a year later she hangs herself, coroner questions intent since no history, decides not a suicide.
Teacher Stephanie Peterson jailed for THREE YEARS after romping with pupil, 14 — (The Daily Star)
SSRI Ed note: Teacher on medication for bipolar has sex with 14-yr old student, sends lewd messages, gets 3-yr jail term. Hopes to make amends by staying on medication.
Teacher had sex with students at alcohol-fueled house party, SC report says — (CBS17)
SSRI Ed note: Teacher on antidepressants openly admits having sex with student, is charged following incidents at party with sex and booze. Loses job.
‘The world wants me to fail’: Strict headteacher, 37, of six academies who banned pupils wearing lipstick and fake tan ‘was worried about losing his job’ before he hanged himself at home — (The Daily Mail)
SSRI Ed note: "Inspirational", strong, Headmaster takes fluoxetine, drinks heavily, hangs himself.
Mother-of-two substitute teacher, 29, had sex in her home with a male student, 18, after her husband, 33, plied him with alcohol — (The Daily Mail)
SSRI Ed note: Substitute teacher on medication for bipolar has sex with student in her home, is charged, gets 2 year prison sentence, is registered sex offender.
‘Caring, clever’ teacher fell to her death from viaduct after being ‘overloaded with stress’ at school — (The Mirror)
SSRI Ed note: "Caring, clever, intellectual" teacher is anxious, gets medication, becomes overwhelmed, paranoid, cannot sleep, dies by suicide. Workload blamed.
‘Bright and intelligent’ teacher who ‘struggled with insomnia and depression’ found hanged in park — (The Mirror)
SSRI Ed note: Teacher who has problems with sleep and addiction to prescription meds dies by suicide.
Did British drug death couple die in ‘Romeo and Juliet’ suicide pact? — (Daily Mail)
MCPS music teacher Lawrence Joynes Plea Hearing: Images of children in music room had been photoshopped — (Baltimore County Circuit Court)
Why is Violence Against Teachers Being Covered Up? — (TPNN)
Coroner praises programme to prevent suicides — (Eastern Daily Press)
Erica DePalo, former N.J. teacher, avoids prison on sex charge with 15-year-old — (Crimesider)
SSRI Ed note: "Teacher of the year" takes antidepressants, has sex with 15-yr-old, loses job, gets suspended sentence. "Mental health" issues blamed.
Jury Awards 1.5 Million In Paxil Related Suicide Malpractice Suit — (MillerPlace-RockyPointPatch)
Former Sheffield teacher Amanda Watkins on trial for rape, sodomy against student — (WHNT News 19)
SSRI Ed note: Teacher taking medication for depression has sex with 15-yr-old in the back of her car, is caught, diagnosed with all manner of disorders, charged.
Teacher allegedly made vodka drinks and had sex with two boys, student testifies — (Dayton Daily News)
SSRI Ed note: Gymn teacher on Zoloft has sex with two students, pleads insanity. Lawyer acknowledges drug with booze impaired her judgement.
Police Say Grad Student Was Shot 11 Times — (KHQ Q6)
Driver was three times over limit — (Derbyshire Times)
Son of author Debbie Macomber found dead — (Port Orchard Independent Reporter)
‘Selfless love’ motivated suffocation of partner — (Sydney Morning Herald)
Teacher found not criminally responsible for sex with teen student — (Vancouver Sun)
SSRI Ed note: Saskatchewan teacher takes Effexor for depression, becomes manic, has sex with student, mental illness blamed.
Former band teacher sentenced for sex with student — (The Columbian)
SSRI Ed note: Band teacher takes antidepressants, has sex with student, loses job, is charged, must register as sex offender.
Ex-teacher’s aide convicted in student sex case — (The Salt Lake Tribune)
SSRI Ed note: Woman on medication for depression and bipolar makes bad decisions and may have been involved sexually with two students.
A calculated killing: The case against Melissa Huckaby — (San Jose Mercury News)
SSRI Ed note: Sunday school teacher on Xanax, Paxil and other meds starts to behave strangely, kidnaps, rapes and kills 8-yr-old girl, is vilified, gets life without parole.
+Woman School Teacher Molests 14 Year Old Male Student
x-educator links theft to malady — (Republican-American)
SSRI Ed note: School principal on medication for depression, bipolar shoplifts a hat. loses job, blames "overmedication" for incident. Article title links theft to "malady".
Woman School Teacher Has Students Clean Her House in Exchange for Zoloft & Alcohol
Woman School Teacher Has Students Clean Her House in Exchange for Zoloft & Alcohol
RE teacher struck off for sectarianism, sex and Hitler lessons—(The Scotsman)
James Idziak, former Comstock Park teacher, sentenced to 5 months in jail for high-speed chase—(
Former charter school teacher sent to prison for raping student — (The Buffalo News)
SSRI Ed note: Teacher on has sex with 8th grade student, holds him hostage, tries to carry out a suicide pact, is charged with statutory rape, gets 4 years.
Double Standard? — (Idaho Statesman)
SSRI Ed note: News article list a number of cases of woman involved in sex abuse of underage boys, reports that trend difficult to explain.
Ousted Surrey school teacher wins round in court battle—(
SSRI Ed note: Teacher on antidepressants behaves abusively, inappropriately, "bipolar disorder" blamed.
Vicar Tim’s run bids to break ‘taboo’ — (The Romsey Advertiser)
SSRI Ed note: Well meaning people run to "raise awareness" of mental health. What is needed is awareness that antidepressants increase the likelihod of suicide.
Spring teacher takes stand in sex trial — (ABC 13 Eyewitness News)
SSRI Ed note: Teacher on antidepressants has lapse in judgement, found by V. Principal performing oral sex on 16-yr-old student in classroom. Charged with sexual assault.
Teacher allegedly found walking nude is jailed — (The Fresno Bee)
Louis Owens and John Steinbeck’s Ghosts – A mystery solved with the help of a professor and a mobster’s musician — (The Village Voice)
SSRI Ed note: Successful professor and author takes antidepressants, dies by suicide. Student agonizes over why.
Ex-teacher sentenced for affair with boy — (Eau Claire and Chippewa Valley Leader-Telegram)
SSRI Ed note: Teacher on various medications for depression, bipolar, initiates sexual affair with student, 13. His parents find out, she is charged, loses job, reputation.
Teacher is jailed over pupil affair — (The Birmingham Mail)
SSRI Ed note: Teacher takes antidepressants, drinks heavily, begins sexual liaison with teenage student.
Dressed Like Santa, Brookland Band Teacher Attacks Superintendent — (ABC News Region 8)
SSRI Ed note: Band teacher's wife injured at school, he takes antidepressants, dresses as Santa, goes to home of Superintendent with guns, attacks family. Charged.
Female teacher accused of having sex with upstate NY student — (Newsday)
SSRI Ed note: Teacher on antidepressants has sex with 15-yr-old boy, gets drunk, announces "affair" at basketball game, is charged with rape.
Head teacher killed himself before inspection — (The Peterborough Telegraph)
SSRI Ed note: Headmaster prescribed antidepressants kills himself 3 months later. Despite school's stellar record and zero evidence, officials blame pending inspection.
Teacher tells court she sent inappropriate e-mails — (
SSRI Ed note: Teacher on antidepressants has make-out session on couch with 13-yr-old, then sends e-mails about it. Attempts suicide. Arrested, charged with sexual assault.
Teacher harassed her former partner — (Asian News U.K.)
SSRI Ed note: Teacher loses boyfriend takes antidepressants, sends abusive, harassing messages to ex.
Pervert teacher’s ‘suicide’ mystery — ( Mansfield and Ashfield Chad)
SSRI Ed note: Teacher on antidepressants has sexual relationship with student, charged, dies in apparent suicide 4 days before sentencing.
Lawyer: Couple robbed Colchester bank to pay medical bills — (The Norwich Bulletin)
SSRI Ed note: Teacher of the year & wife on medication for bipolar, panic, depression, no prior record, rob a bank, easily caught, "Psychiatric issues" and bills blamed.
Guidance counselor appealing peeping sentence — (The Helena Independent Record)
SSRI Ed note: School guidance counsellor on Paxil "peeps" with camera into home of student, is charged, appeals, claims medication to blame.
Toxicology reports find antidepressant — (Lansing State Journal)
SSRI Ed note: Man on Wellbutrin shoots and kills his ex-wife, her boyfriend, and himself.
Teacher found hanged at home — (The Times and Star)
SSRI Ed note: Threlkeld teacher is depressed when her mum dies, takes medication, hangs herself. She is found by her young daughters. Depression blamed.