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Woman dies after shooting at workplace – Estranged boyfriend sought; he has domestic-abuse history — (Star Tribune)
SSRI Ed note: Man on steroids and Prozac (recipe for violent behaviour) stalks, shoots and kills estranged girlfriend.
Distraught over breakup, student kills self — (Ocala Star-Banner)
SSRI Ed note: An example of extreme over-reaction, student on Prozac kills himself over failed relationship.
Stabbing Death Ruled Justifiable: No Charges To Be Filed Against Oglesby Woman Who Killed Her Husband — (Journal Star)
SSRI Ed note: Man on Prozac starts to act strangely, consumes entire bottle, assaults, rapes, abducts ex and toddler, she stabs him to death. Deemed justifiable homicide.
PLEASE HELP ME — (The Roanoke Times)
SSRI Ed note: Estranged wife gets husband to stop taking antidepressant. Shortly after he shoots her to death, charged with 1st degree murder. Depression blamed.
Davi vs. Class — (South Dakota Supreme Court)
SSRI Ed note: Man on Prozac charged with brutal killing of ex-girlfriend demands DNA test to prove he did not do it, test indicates he did. Prozac not mentioned at trial.