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Tawny Kitaen’s cause of death revealed — (Fox News)
SSRI Ed note: Woman on multiple meds including mirtazipine, other psych meds, dies at 59 of heart disease.
Saying No to Antidepressants: Reasons to Avoid Antidepressants — (A Mind of Your Own by Kelly Brogan, MD )
SSRI Ed note: Psychiatrist spells out the truth about antidepressants, they are dangerous, unhelpful, misrepresented and they can make you a patient for life.
Fears as common anti-depressant sertraline linked to two deaths — (The Birmingham Mail)
SSRI Ed note: Sertraline can kill in more ways than suicide, especially non-metabolizers. It killed a healthy young man and a new mom, but The System does not blame the med.
Family fears one of UK’s most commonly prescribed anti-depressant drugs stopped their 24-year-old son’s heart beating amid concerns it could harm others — (The Daily Mail)
SSRI Ed note: Two young people taking sertraline suffer sudden death, doctors suspect drug but coroners record deaths as from natural causes.
Antidepressants may raise death risk by a third — (Medical News Today)
SSRI Ed note: Researchers find that taking antidepressants, which disrupt body biochemistry, raises mortality risk dramatically (by one third).
Moms reach $6.2m settlement over claims that anti-depressant caused kids’ heart problems — (MSN)
SSRI Ed note: FIfty woman who took Paxil while pregnant, with kids suffering birth defects as a result, settle class action lawsuit with GSK for $6.2 million.
Former doctor testifies in Lypps trial: Alleged murder victim was ‘out of control’ — (The San Luis Obispo Tribune)
SSRI Ed note: Depressed woman taking Effexor, possible withdrawal from Wellbutrin, Abilify, Klonopin, dies in bathtub. Husband charged with murder, acquitted.
Children as young as two prescribed antidepressants linked to deaths — (The Adelaide Advertiser)
SSRI Ed note: Australia's Dr Kenneth Nunn defends drugging small children with SSRIs for autism, intellectual disability, child abuse/neglect and self-harm.
Claims a common antidepressant killed baby Summer — (The Age)
SSRI Ed note: Baby of mom taking Lexapro dies one day after birth.
Prescription pills are Britain’s third biggest killer: Side-effects of drugs taken for insomnia and anxiety kill thousands. Why do doctors hand them out like Smarties? — (Daily Mail)
SSRI Ed note: Psychiatric drugs, including antidepressants (1 in 11 adults in the OECD take these) are the third leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer.
St. Louis jury hears nation’s first suit claiming Zoloft caused birth defects — (St Louis Post-Dispatch)
SSRI Ed note: Mom is first to sue Pfizer because Zoloft caused her baby to be born with multiple heart problems. Jury decides plaintiff's did not prove drug was cause.
Antidepressants – Risks. With 20 reasons to be concerned — (
Grandad hanged himself at his Gillow Heath home — (Stoke Sentinel)
Prozac Lawsuits — (Drug Reporter)
SSRI Ed note: Article describes a number of lawsuits with common theme Eli Lilly failed to warn about serious side effects.
Research confirms antidepressant-autism link — (WND)
Effexor recall: Antidepressant Effexor recalled over latent fatal contaminations — (
I won’t be long behind you’: The heartbreaking story of a loving husband who died just hours after his beloved wife — (Wales Online)
SSRI Ed note: Sertraline causes 2 deaths - Mrx Cross dies from the drug combined with pain meds, her husband Adrian cannot bear that she is gone, dies by suicide.
Lanza’s Psychiatric Treatment Revealed In Documents — (The Hartford Courant)
Mystery remains over Swanscombe paraplegic's death — (News Shopper)
The mother of a junior doctor who took her own life described her daughter's working hours as "immoral" following an inquest into her death — (The Independent)
‘Gifted’ Limerickman died due to toxic level of anti-depressants — (Limerick Leader)
Mum dies from same rare condition that killed her four-year-old daughter — (Manchester Evening News)
Assault alone didn’t cause Keith’s death: Inquest — (Shields Gazette)
SSRI Ed note: Man on amphetamines, high level of Celexa gets involved in a brawl, he dies from combination of head injury, heart problem and effects of meds.
PA Supreme Court declines to hear appeal in Phila. Paxil wrongful death case that ended with defense victory — (The Pennsylvania Record)
Anti-depressants Can Cause Sudden Death — (Health Impact News Daily)
Autopsy finds bad heart, antidepressant killed “Low Tax” Looper — (Knox News)
Woman's Death From Anti-Depressant Happened Before Health Canada Warning — (The Canadian Press)
Mother Sues Pfizer Over Son’s Death from Zoloft Birth Defects — (Top Class Actions)
Former heroin user died of a drugs overdose, inquest hears — (South Bucks Slough Express)
Heart condition caused mother-of-two's death — (Burton Mail)
Antidepressants 'could be risk to unborn babies' — (BBC)
Cardiac failure killed man found dead in village north of Winchester — (Basingstoke Gazette)
List of dangerous antidepressants that cause sudden death is rapidly expanding — (Natural News)
Teen died after breathing tube was removed —(The Shields Gazette)
SSRI Ed note: Man on antidepressants becomes fidgety, has mood swings, bizarre behaviour, dies of heart failure. Huntington's early onset is blamed.
Partner's tribute to Llangennech man after tragic drug and alcohol death — (Llanelli Star)
Antidepressant-induced cardioprotection after event reverses with a vengeance — (Internal Medicine News)
Maryland couple files Zoloft wrongful death claim in U.S. District Court in Philadelphia — (Pennsylvania Record)
Wright & Schulte LLP Files SSRI Antidepressant Birth Defects Lawsuit on Behalf of Couple Who Lost Infant to Heart Birth Defects, Allegedly Due to Paxil and Zoloft — (PRWEB)
Hapton lecturer had been plagued by ear problem — (Lancashire Telegraph)
Adult antidepressants suspected in suicides of Canadian kids — (Toronto Star)
Canada’s first class-action lawsuit involving birth defects allegedly caused by anti-depressents gets green light — (Maclean’s)
What happened to Barbie? — (The Daily News)
SSRI Ed note: Young woman with developmental challenges prescribed Zoloft, starts a psychiatroc meds-induced downward spiral. A zombie by 36, she dies of a blood clot.
Daughter made tragic discovery — (Southern Daily Echo)
Antidepressants linked to risk of brain bleeds — (Reuters)
Zoloft Drugmaker Blamed for Child Death — (Injury Lawyer News)
Son blames drug warning delays for mom’s death — (CBC News)
SSRI Ed note: Authorities fail to warn healthy woman on diuretics that she should not combine these with SSRIs. She takes Cipralex and dies of heart failure.
Pfizer's Wyeth ordered to face class-action over Pristiq — (REUTERS)
Sage Stallone Friend: Death Was “Absolutely Not Suicide” — (E News)
SSRI Ed note: Young filmmaker, heavy smoker, takes meds for anxiety and depression (Vicodin, Klonapin, Paxil), dies of arteriosclerosis at 36.