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A&E doctor, 29, hanged herself after 12-year battle with alopecia and depression — (The World News)
SSRI Ed note: Talented physician / musician, on antidepressants for over 10 years, gets dose doubled, drinks alcohol, dies by suicide.
‘Caring, clever’ teacher fell to her death from viaduct after being ‘overloaded with stress’ at school — (The Mirror)
SSRI Ed note: "Caring, clever, intellectual" teacher is anxious, gets medication, becomes overwhelmed, paranoid, cannot sleep, dies by suicide. Workload blamed.
New mother with post-natal depression killed by 100mph train — (The Telegraph)
SSRI Ed note: New mom has trouble with baby constantly waking in the night, given antidepressants, shortly after kills herself by walking in front of train.
Gail Porter — (The Guardian)
SSRI Ed note: TV personality loses hair on Prozac, has serious mood swings, does reckless things, is diagnosed bipolar, attempts suicide when she stops the med.
Murders that rocked the nation: lifting the lid on the business of killing — (The Daily Star)
SSRI Ed note: Former aide to Sarah Ferguson goes on antidepressants, has an affair, bludgeons her boyfriend with a cricket bat, stabs him, he dies, she overdoses.
THE STORY BEHIND PROZAC (27 deaths during clinical trials ignored, denied and lied about) — (Whittle & Wieland)