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Saying No to Antidepressants: Reasons to Avoid Antidepressants — (A Mind of Your Own by Kelly Brogan, MD )
SSRI Ed note: Psychiatrist spells out the truth about antidepressants, they are dangerous, unhelpful, misrepresented and they can make you a patient for life.
Woman hanged herself at home while struggling to cope with the menopause — (The Daily Mail)
SSRI Ed note: Woman in menopause given mirtazapine, depression worsens, she becomes anxious, suicidal, erratic, has physical side effects, dies by suicide. Menopause blamed.
‘I was sobbing uncontrollably’: Patients say antidepressants difficult to quit — (CBC Radio)
SSRI Ed note: Two women describe the hellish experience of withdrawal after tapering off antidepressants, including the many terrible side effects.
A Mother’s Very, Very Worst Nightmare — (Mad In America)
SSRI Ed note: Another victim of a zolpidem (Ambien) - SSRI combo. Mom gets it with Zoloft and Wellbutrin, becomes delirious, murders daughter, attempts suicide, no memory.
How depression pills turned me into a zombie: This high-flying film-maker ended up needing 24-hour care after being prescribed medication she didn’t need — (The Daily Mail)
SSRI Ed note: Film-maker given Lexapro suffers akathisia. This is treated with Zoloft, Prozac and risperidone, she becomes a zombie until she quits the drugs.
Reader's Letter — (SSRI Stories)
New Zealanders report suicidal thoughts after antidepressants — (
Psychological side-effects of anti-depressants worse than thought — (Science Daily)
Anti-depressants taken by thousands of Brits 'do NOT work', major new study reveals — (Mail Online)
Is mixing alcohol and anti-depressants harmful? — (Daily Mail)
Compulsive behaviors as a side effect of antitremor drug — (The Seattle Times)
Antidepressant Use – Increased Risk of Type II Diabetes — (Disabled World)
Why painkillers and anti-depressants are killing MORE Britons than heroin and cocaine — (The Mirror)
Women team up to help those with addiction to prescription drugs — (Daily Record)
SSRI Ed note: Man on antidepressants becomes fidgety, has mood swings, bizarre behaviour, dies of heart failure. Huntington's early onset is blamed.
Eli Lilly and Company named in class action over deceptive and unlawful marketing of Cymbalta — (Got a Class Action?)
I'm a Celeb: Brian Conley reveals his living hell in the jungle — (Daily Record)
Problems with Cymbalta – Comments — (Rottstein Law Group)
Out of my mind. Driven to drink — (
Brief History of Our Son — (White Wreath)
GCSEs: Pressure of exams leaves teens suffering from mental illness — (The Telegraph)
Spray relieves runny nose from food — (The Vindicator)
Trauma of War — (Albuquerque Journal)
SSRI Ed note: Veteran's Affairs kills another talented young soldier with polypharmacy: antidepressants, pain killers, tranquilizers, muscle relaxers.
Misdiagnosis of Serotonin Syndrome as Fibromyalgia — (Tribe)
SSRI Ed note: Doctor misses seratonin syndrome, physical therapist sees that symptoms are not consistent with fibromyalgia. Patient suffers needlessly.
Nasty effects as patients quit drug—(The New Zealand Herald)
parmadale murders another child – Faith Finley died after being restrained in banned position— (REALNEO)
SSRI Ed note: Girl, 17, on psychotropic medication suffocates while being restrained because of "disruptive behavior" at a center for troubled children.
Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology — (Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology)
SSRI Ed note: Child given Ritalin, clonidine and Prozac experiences horrible side effects over 10 months, "expires", cytochrome P450 CYP2D (gene) defect discovered.
SSRI Ed note: Young man on venlafaxine, clozapine, diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic - perhaps due to side effects - dies of massive heart attack caused by prescriptions.
Doctors Fail to Recognize Life-Threatening Serotonin Syndrome — (Cure Zone)
SSRI Ed note: Girl, 4, heavily medicated with psychoactive drugs since 2 1/2, dies of seratonin syndrome.
Mixing alcohol and pills is dangerous — (Newsday)
SSRI Ed note: THe Graedons warn that mixing bupropion and escitalopram with booze could be fatal.
Angels on my shoulder — (The Scotsman)
SSRI Ed note: Talented singer loses "soulmate", takes Seroxat (Paxil/paroxetine) prescribed by GP, becomes shaky, suicidal, ill, stops the drug, recovers.
St John’s wort ‘effective as anti-depressant’ — (Expatica)
SSRI Ed note: German research team finds herbal remedy as effective for depression as Paxil/ Seroxat. Of course, the 2014 restored Study 329 found Paxil not effective.
Girl in drug tragedy riddle — (Manchster Evening News)
SSRI Ed note: Student, 20, already recovering from disappointment over course, is prescribed Effexor, she has a terrible reaction to it and dies.
A Bitter Pill — (Sydney Morning Herald)
SSRI Ed note: Mom on Effexor tried to kill herself and her two daughters with car exhaust, is charged, judge agrees the drug was the cause. She serves no time.
Noah Wright Smith — (2006 FDA Hearings)
SSRI Ed note: Boy, 15, testifies at FDA hearings that all the drugs he was forced to take made him feel suicidal and violent.
The Science of Deceit — (Pure Water Gazette)
SSRI Ed note: Endurance athlete, 41, prescribed Paxil for anxiety, suffers serious negative side effects.
Lawyers gather information about anti-anxiety medication — (The Naperville Sun)
World health watchdog warns of addiction risk for Prozac users — (The Independent)
SSRI Ed note: Head of WHO drug unit says SSRIs overused. Woman given Prozac after fiance died says itprevented dealing with grief, caused serious withdrawal problems.
In Prozac We Trust Health officials worry that nation is becoming over-medicated — (The Denver Post)
MEDICINES FOR THE MIND — (The Washington Times)
Fluoride – Damning New Evidence — (Health Net)
SSRI Ed note: Fluoxetine causes: kidney damage, behaviour problems, cancer, nausea, pain, collagen fibre and bone tissue deterioration, enzymes and DNA repair mechanisms.
Deputy Sheriff Kills Wife and Self — (Parker Waichman LLP)
SSRI Ed note: Family man with no history of violence shoots and kills his wife and himself in front of their 17-yr-old daughter. Five children orphaned.