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Mother serving home confinement for poisoning a young child, causing brain damage — (Digichat)
SSRI Ed note: Mum on antidepressants repeatedly poisons toddler to get attention, causes brain damage, judge spares her prison as she got treatment for her "mental illness".
Failing kidneys. Memory trouble. Big weight gain. The REAL legacy of a lifetime on depression pills…— (The Daily Mail)
SSRI Ed note: Author sadly credits SSRIs for being productive despite her mom's negative mood influence, even while acknowledging their permanently damaging effects.
One Missouri family. Four generations of disability benefits. Will it continue? — (The Denver Post)
SSRI Ed note: % of US populatn has psychiatric diagnoses, paid to take drugs, live life of disability. Incentives to maximize # disabled in family. Human & economic tragedy.
How can antidepressants ruin your life? — (Quora)
SSRI Ed note: Writer has posted a list of the potential negative consequences of taking SSRI and other antidepressants as warning, since most MD.s refuse to see the truth.
Govt Exposed for Forcing Foster Kids, Even Toddlers to Take Dangerous Psychotropic Drugs — (GreenMedInfo)
SSRI Ed note: Vulnerable children in need of care, learning and affection are instead being drugged with medications that will harm them in the long run.
Girl whose mum put her in a oven begs for her to remain in jail — (
SSRI Ed note: Mother on antidepressants, anti-anxiety meds becomes increasingly unstable, puts 14-month daughter in over on broil, gets 25 years. No parole.
Antidepressants Blamed for Stevens Johnson Syndrome — (Lawyers and Settlements)
SSRI Ed note: Young woman suffers painful, disfiguring skin condition that almost kills her, caused by taking antidepressants.
SSRI Ed note: Study in BMJ reveals horrific truth about psych meds, incl. antidepressants. No lasting or significant benefit, cause serious harm in long run, kill > 500K/yr.
St. Paul’s negligent in man’s attempted suicide — (24 Hours Vancouver)
SSRI Ed note: Man on antidepressants drinks, taken to hospital for threatening suicide, not monitored, attempts to die by hanging, permanent damage, wins lawsuit.
Antidepressants – Risks. With 20 reasons to be concerned — (
Cumulative Use of Strong Anticholinergics and Incident Dementia: A Prospective Cohort Study — (JAMA Internal Medicine)
Trucker in Massive Rig Destroys Two Families in His Sleep — (Bloomberg Business)
SSRI Ed note: Trucker on Prozac, other meds, dozes off while driving, kills woman, critically injures her 2 sons, takes no responsibility, says woman had "expiration date".
Prozac Lawsuits — (Drug Reporter)
SSRI Ed note: Article describes a number of lawsuits with common theme Eli Lilly failed to warn about serious side effects.
11-year-old boy’s suicide attempt part of epidemic — (The Jackson Clarion-Ledger)
A mum guilty of infanticide after killing her baby girl and injuring the child’s twin has avoided jail — (Melbourne Herald Sun)
SSRI Ed note: Suicidal postpartum woman treated for depression drowns one twin girl, disables the other. She remains on antidepressants.
About CTE — (Heads Up! CTE)
Before his death, father of ADHD admitted it was a fictitious disease — (Natural News)
SSRI Ed note: Inventor of ADHD who profited from it, admits it is not real. Pharma has convinced public that emotional reactions are diseases, so they can sell drugs.
Vatican gathering to address antidepressant use by children — (EWTN News)
Was grandmother driven to suicide by the 'bedroom tax'? Unemployed woman, 53, hit by £20-a-week charge dies after leaving note saying the Government was to blame— (Mail Online)
Problems with Cymbalta – Comments — (Rottstein Law Group)
Sheriff's mercy for mum who killed young teacher in wrong side of road crash — (Daily Record)
Army warns doctors against using certain drugs in PTSD treatment — (Veterans for Common Sense)
College suicide: Second-leading cause of student death hits home in Southwest Florida — (Naples Daily News)
SSRI Ed note: Teen on antidepressants 5 yrs, recognizing brain damage & desperate to quit them, and young woman prescribed antidepressants two months prior, die by suicide.
Gone Without a Case: Suspicious Elder Deaths Rarely Investigated — (ProPublica)
FDA warns of heart risks with high doses of Celexa — (USA Today)
Now Antidepressant-Induced Chronic Depression Has a Name: Tardive Dysphoria — (Psychology Today)
SSRI Ed note: Research reveals that while antidepressants help some in the very short term, over time they worsen depression, turning it into chronic "tardive dysphoria".
Regulating sleep in the first years of life is vital — (
SSRI Ed note: Research team discovers that taking antidepressants in childhood causes permanent disruption to serotoninergic system, impairs normal sleep patterns for life.
Malpractice case alleges prescription of drug for off-label use caused permanent disability — (Southeast Texas Record)
SSRI Ed note: Man prescribed Zoloft then Geodon for depression gets serious neurological problems, has a stroke, diabetes worsens.
Guest Commentary: Senseless Acts of Violence: From the shooter’s family point of view
SSRI Ed note: Man used to helping others deal with dependency stops his Wellbutrin, drinks heavily, shoots neighbour, kills himself.
After leap breaks body, a miracle renews spirit — (The Philadelphia Inquirer)
SSRI Ed note: Normal, successful teen given antidepressant for "depression", drinks, jumps 9 floors, survives, no memory. Parents realize it was meds, psychiatrist disagrees.
Chief Sealth and the Independent Living Movement — (American Chronicle)
SSRI Ed note: Medication for depression hastens progress of woman's physical disability.
Benoit tests show major brain damage — (Florida Sun Sentinal)
SSRI Ed note: Pro wrestler on steroids takes Zoloft, murders wife and son then hangs himself.
Developmental effects of SSRIs: lessons learned from animal studies — (International Journal of Developmental Neuroscience)
SSRI Ed note: Researchers find that in mice, exposure to SSRIs during critical periods of brain development leads to maladaptive behaviours that persist into adulthood,
Support society can help sufferers, families — (The Regina Leader-Post)
SSRI Ed note: Sad university student gets antidepressants, has psychotic episode, told it is schizophrenia. Nobody, student included, ID's A/D as cause. On drugs for life.
Jessica’s story: A life nearly taken, a family forever changed — (Independent Mail)
SSRI Ed note: Teen, 15, breaks up with boyfriend, is sad, doctor prescribes Prozac, she hangs herself, does not die but is permanently seriously disabled.
Toddler in foster care abused — (KPB 4)
SSRI Ed note: Woman on antidepressants takes in more foster kids than she can manage, is abusive to 18-mo old, almost drowns him, causing permanent damage.
Boxer charged with murder — (The Cincinnati Post)
SSRI Ed note: Boxer injures opponent in ring, sees psychiatrist about it, is given antidepressants, murders his friend shortly after.
Teen peril prompts legal fight — (Chicago Tribune)
SSRI Ed note: Teen, 17, on Prozac re: parents' divorce, tells doctor about voices telling her to kill herself. He increases dose, she attempts suicide, disabled. Lawsuit.
Local teen, parents sue drug makers, Allege anti-depressants led to girl’s suicide try — (Morris Daily Herald)
SSRI Ed note: Teen, 17, takes either Cymbalta or Prozac, hangs herself, is rescued but permanently disabled. Parents sue Eli Lilly.
Woman convicted in fatal DUI seeks a new sentence — (The St Augustine Record)
SSRI Ed note: Woman on Prozac alcoholic and diagnosed bipolar, causes crash that injures three, kills her child. Her problems blamed; probably caused by Prozac. Jailed.
Her Spirit Unbroken — (Ohio Beacon Journal)
SSRI Ed note: Lawyer, good citizen takes antidepressant, 8 days later sprays his wife's face with acid, permanently disfiguring her. He loses wife, license, gets 12 years.
Court tosses suit by man shot eight times by deputies — (Napa Valley News)
SSRI Ed note: Police shoot (in the back), permanently disable man on antidepressants for walking around neighborhood waving sword. Police action deemed reasonable.
A tormented soul — (
SSRI Ed note: Former NFL football player suffers serious loss of quality of life from effects of polypharmacy, including antidepressants. Dies at 50.
16 Year Old Girl: Permanent Injuries: Lawsuit — (Courier-Journal)
SSRI Ed note: Teen, 16, given Zoloft drives a car off an enbankment a week later causing permanent injury. Parents file lawsuit with Pfizer re: failure to warn.
Some acid spray details tossed — (The Canton Repository)
SSRI Ed note: Man with no history of mental illness or violence separates from wife, takes Paxil, attempts suicide, traps wife,throws acid on her, gets prison time.
Lilly settles Prozac lawsuit — (Indy Star)
Pamela Wild — (2004 FDA Hearings)
Slain 8-year-old ‘was the perfect kid,’ his aunt says — (The Daily Reflector)