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Tawny Kitaen’s cause of death revealed — (Fox News)
SSRI Ed note: Woman on multiple meds including mirtazipine, other psych meds, dies at 59 of heart disease.
The full story about how Bristol boy Oliver McGowan died in Southmead Hospital — (Bristol Live)
SSRI Ed note: Teen suffering seizures given olanzapine by hospital, dies of NMS. Doctor admits drug caused death, insists prescription appropriate, coroner agrees.
Failing kidneys. Memory trouble. Big weight gain. The REAL legacy of a lifetime on depression pills…— (The Daily Mail)
SSRI Ed note: Author sadly credits SSRIs for being productive despite her mom's negative mood influence, even while acknowledging their permanently damaging effects.
Antidepressants may raise death risk by a third — (Medical News Today)
SSRI Ed note: Researchers find that taking antidepressants, which disrupt body biochemistry, raises mortality risk dramatically (by one third).
B.C. care homes provide anti-depressants without diagnoses — (Times Colonist)
SSRI Ed note: Most B.C. facilities nursing are drugging residents with harmful meds, (antidepressants, neuroleptics) to make them easier for staff to manage.
SSRI Ed note: Study in BMJ reveals horrific truth about psych meds, incl. antidepressants. No lasting or significant benefit, cause serious harm in long run, kill > 500K/yr.
Claims a common antidepressant killed baby Summer — (The Age)
SSRI Ed note: Baby of mom taking Lexapro dies one day after birth.
Cumulative Use of Strong Anticholinergics and Incident Dementia: A Prospective Cohort Study — (JAMA Internal Medicine)
The Chemical Imbalance Theory: Why It’s Wrong And Why You Need To Get Off Antidepressants — (The People's Chemist)
Obesity surgeon Peter Small: This country needs to tackle its weight issues before a health timebomb explodes — (Daily Record)
Mum dies from same rare condition that killed her four-year-old daughter — (Manchester Evening News)
PA Supreme Court declines to hear appeal in Phila. Paxil wrongful death case that ended with defense victory — (The Pennsylvania Record)
Franciscus Van de Gender inquest: Body of former anti-Nazi freedom fighter found on island in Thames — (The Mirror)
Mother Sues Pfizer Over Son’s Death from Zoloft Birth Defects — (Top Class Actions)
Heart condition caused mother-of-two's death — (Burton Mail)
Vatican gathering to address antidepressant use by children — (EWTN News)
What happened to Barbie? — (The Daily News)
SSRI Ed note: Young woman with developmental challenges prescribed Zoloft, starts a psychiatroc meds-induced downward spiral. A zombie by 36, she dies of a blood clot.
Problems with Cymbalta – Comments — (Rottstein Law Group)
Sage Stallone Friend: Death Was “Absolutely Not Suicide” — (E News)
SSRI Ed note: Young filmmaker, heavy smoker, takes meds for anxiety and depression (Vicodin, Klonapin, Paxil), dies of arteriosclerosis at 36.
Gone Without a Case: Suspicious Elder Deaths Rarely Investigated — (ProPublica)
Audio: Producer Says Vesta was Taking Pills for Depression — (EURWeb)
Examining the Link between Obesity and Mental Illness — (nhpr)
FDA warns of heart risks with high doses of Celexa — (USA Today)
Randomized drug studies don't tell full story — (BMJ)
Prozac 'increases risk of death in over-65s': Regular users have greater chance of developing serious health problems — (Daily Mail)
Antidepressant Risk for Seniors Varies by Class — (MedPage)
Two Cases of Babies Dying Whose Mother Took Effexor During Pregnancy — (Kamloops This Week)
Common drugs 'raise OAP death risk' — (London Evening Standard)
One Death, Two Stories: Jail officials, family relate different stories surrounding inmate death — (Fredericksburg Patch)
Elizabeth Taylor dies of congestive heart failure — (St. Augustine Record)
SSRI Ed note: Actress dies of congestive heart failure after years of taking too many and incompatible medications
Carrie Fisher – Fisher: ‘I Didn’t Know Who I Was After Six Days Of Insomnia’ — (
SSRI Ed note: Actress who is given antidepressants remains depressed, struggles with addiction and other problems, dies at 60.
Hallucinations in Hospital Pose Risk to Elderly — (The New York Times)
Antidepressants and stroke — (The Halifax Courier)
Mum died after rare drug reaction — (
SSRI Ed note: Woman prescribed Cymbalta (duloxetine) +Tryptizol (amitriptyline) dies a terrible death from serotonin syndrome, not considered a potential problem.
Parents may never know how son died — (Cyprus Mail)
SSRI Ed note: Healthy, fit Brit on holiday in Cyprus, taking antidepressant, inexplicably dies of dehydration on walk, 4 miles from hotel.
Footballer jilted by love took overdose — (Express & Star)
SSRI Ed note: Man takes antidepressants for 27 years, is still depressed, never marries, eventually takes too many pills, dies.
Antidepressants found to be “death pills” that dramatically raise the risk of early death — (Natural News)
SSRI Ed note: Study shows "depressed" people on antidepressants die younger than unmedicated depressed people. Tired old comeback, "it's the disease!" offered.
Mystery of collapse man’s death — (The Bolton News)
SSRI Ed note: Man who takes meds for schizophrenia, depression, athsma, diabetes "erratically" but no overdose dies of organ failure, pathologist cannot figure out why.
Mixing alcohol and pills is dangerous — (Newsday)
SSRI Ed note: THe Graedons warn that mixing bupropion and escitalopram with booze could be fatal.
Mentally Unfit, Forced To Fight — (The Hartford Courant)
SSRI Ed note: Young woman in military given antidepressant. It does not work, she remains depressed until she collapses and dies in Baghdad.
A final resting place for homeless vets — (San Antonio Express-News)
SSRI Ed note: VA kills veteran with cocktail of antidepressants and pain pills. Eventually he has heart and weight problems, is found unconscious, dies.
Legal battle rages around America’s richest teenager — (The Guardian)
SSRI Ed note: Founder of Herbalife empire, 44, dies prematurely from combination of alcohol and antidepressants.
A tormented soul — (
SSRI Ed note: Former NFL football player suffers serious loss of quality of life from effects of polypharmacy, including antidepressants. Dies at 50.
Standoff ends with psychiatric commitment — (Lehigh Valley Express Times)
SSRI Ed note: Man's reaction to alcohol and antidepressants results in psychiatric commitment.
Police captain involved in scandal dies — (
SSRI Ed note: Respected man, years of service, takes antidepressants, becomes alcoholic, 2 sexual assault charges including lawsuit, has to retire, dies of heart failure.
Fluoride – Damning New Evidence — (Health Net)
SSRI Ed note: Fluoxetine causes: kidney damage, behaviour problems, cancer, nausea, pain, collagen fibre and bone tissue deterioration, enzymes and DNA repair mechanisms.
Couple angry that rifle they wanted destroyed was used to kill — (Dallas Morning News)
SSRI Ed note: Man, 25, on cocaine, alcohol, Prozac shoots mother, sister, ex-fiance's new boyfriend, two border agents. 4 die. Killed by police.
Coroner Discounts Prozac Dose as Factor in McDougal’s Death — (The Washington Post)
SSRI Ed note: In 1998, Dallas coroner describes Prozac as "a very safe drug with very little side effects", discounts possibility that drug contributed to heart attack death.
Jeremy Brett Biography — (Sherlockian
SSRI Ed note: Actor takes antidepressants, they cause weight gain and other problems, he dies at 61.