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Naomi Judd Opens Up About Battle With ‘Life-Threatening’ Depression — (ABC News)
SSRI Ed note: Popular oountry singer, long-time user of every type of antidepressant, none help,, blames "treatment resistant" depression, dies by suicide.
Saying No to Antidepressants: Reasons to Avoid Antidepressants — (A Mind of Your Own by Kelly Brogan, MD )
SSRI Ed note: Psychiatrist spells out the truth about antidepressants, they are dangerous, unhelpful, misrepresented and they can make you a patient for life.
Family fears one of UK’s most commonly prescribed anti-depressant drugs stopped their 24-year-old son’s heart beating amid concerns it could harm others — (The Daily Mail)
SSRI Ed note: Two young people taking sertraline suffer sudden death, doctors suspect drug but coroners record deaths as from natural causes.
Margaret River massacre: Depression drug clue to grandfather’s murder of family — (Perth Now)
SSRI Ed note: Man sad about loss of son, lack of work takes antidepressants, gets worse, less "rational", after a few weeks murders his family, kills himself.
Antidepressants saved me – but they made my mental health worse — (The Spectator)
SSRI Ed note: Woman suffering anxiety, dark thoughts given high doses of 3 antidepressants, terrible side effects, improves with exercise, attributes benefit to meds. Odd.
Failing kidneys. Memory trouble. Big weight gain. The REAL legacy of a lifetime on depression pills…— (The Daily Mail)
SSRI Ed note: Author sadly credits SSRIs for being productive despite her mom's negative mood influence, even while acknowledging their permanently damaging effects.
More communication key to balancing weight gain risk against benefits of mental health meds: Risk of weight gain must be re-evaluated by patients and doctors throughout a patient’s illness, say experts — (CBC News)
SSRI Ed note: Man gains 200 lbs in 20 yrs, realizes what docs, assuming meds have net benefit, know, don't tell patients: SSRIs, other psych meds cause serious weight gain,
Children as young as two prescribed antidepressants linked to deaths — (The Adelaide Advertiser)
SSRI Ed note: Australia's Dr Kenneth Nunn defends drugging small children with SSRIs for autism, intellectual disability, child abuse/neglect and self-harm.
Antidepressants – Risks. With 20 reasons to be concerned — (
Colorado responds slowly to psychotropic drug use among foster kids — (The Denver Post)
Norfolk woman hit by train struggled to cope with anti-depressant drugs — (EDP24)
SSRI Ed note: Woman takes Prozac, almost dies by suicide, a week later goes through with it.
New Zealanders report suicidal thoughts after antidepressants — (
Psychological side-effects of anti-depressants worse than thought — (Science Daily)
Obesity surgeon Peter Small: This country needs to tackle its weight issues before a health timebomb explodes — (Daily Record)
Wife took fatal drugs overdose just hours before her husband was CLEARED of sex crimes against four young girls. —(Daily Mail)
Nurse gave herself insulin overdose — (Kenley Standard)
Antidepressants: Preschoolers Remain a Fast Growing Market — (Liberty Voice)
Your experiences of antidepressants — (The Guardian)
Compulsive behaviors as a side effect of antitremor drug — (The Seattle Times)
Antidepressant Use – Increased Risk of Type II Diabetes — (Disabled World)
Heart condition caused mother-of-two's death — (Burton Mail)
Judge orders officer accused in road rage incidents to be released from jail — (
SSRI Ed note: Police Officer prescribed Paxil to treat depression after serious fall becomes aggressive and assaults several motorists.
Sutton insomniac Angela Dixie-Bradford died after drug overdose — (Your Local Guardian)
Experiences with Prozac — (D.C. Urban Moms and Dads)
What happened to Barbie? — (The Daily News)
SSRI Ed note: Young woman with developmental challenges prescribed Zoloft, starts a psychiatroc meds-induced downward spiral. A zombie by 36, she dies of a blood clot.
Hooked on happy pills for 30 years — (Daily Mail)
Problems with Cymbalta – Comments — (Rottstein Law Group)
Depression-hit David swaps pills for push-ups — (Northumberland Gazette)
Former cutter launches self-harm support group— (Victoria Advocate)
Audio: Producer Says Vesta was Taking Pills for Depression — (EURWeb)
Examining the Link between Obesity and Mental Illness — (nhpr)
Tragedy of taunted mum — (The Doncaster Star)
The Catch-22 of Antidepressants — (Huffington Post)
Sinead O’Connor’s sad slide from being pop’s most ethereal beauty — (Daily Mail)
One Death, Two Stories: Jail officials, family relate different stories surrounding inmate death — (Fredericksburg Patch)
Antidepressants Cause 40,000 Deaths a Year – But They're Handed Out Like Candy — (
Famous Wombats Star Matthew Murphy Reveals Problems With Depression Meds
Elizabeth Taylor dies of congestive heart failure — (St. Augustine Record)
SSRI Ed note: Actress dies of congestive heart failure after years of taking too many and incompatible medications
Famous Golfer Becomes Worse While Taking Antidepressants
Zoloft is making me fat. Help! — (Ask MetaFilter)
Psychiatric drugs causing weight gain: The very drugs millions of Canadians are taking to get through their day can cause dramatic weight gain, doctors are warning — (
SSRI Ed note: Researcher acknowledges that antidepressants and antipsychotics cause serious weight gain over time.
Lancs women sue over ‘sunshine’ pill — (The Lancashire Evening Post)
SSRI Ed note: Group of women sue GSK over horrific side effects and withdrawal problems from taking Paxil / Seroxat.
To hell and back — (The University Daily Kansan)
SSRI Ed note: Student suffers side effects from Adderall & Paxil gets multiple psychiatric diagnoses, gets into trouble with the law. Quits pills against advice, recovers.
Psychiatric drugs causing weight gain — (
SSRI Ed note: Dr Paula Caplan, one of the few authorities alarmed that antidepressants are ineffective, have serious side effects, including significant weight gain.
After rough stretch, Crows’ Duritz regains altitude — (NPR)
SSRI Ed note: Antidepressants temporarily derail Counting Crows lead singer.
 Jagged little pills — (The Guardian)
SSRI Ed note: Woman discovers antidepressants do not make people happier, oftem make takers feel worse, have unpleasant side effects. After trying 5, thinks they are evil.
My family’s syndrome — (Michigan Daily)
SSRI Ed note: Socially awkward child with suicidal thoughts is put on Prozac, he becomes much worse, gains weight, throws tantrums and stops smiling.
Special report: Prescription medicines: Deaths from prescription drugs more than double in 10 years — (The Independent)
SSRI Ed note: Deaths from prescription drugs more than double in the U.K. 1996-2006, psychiatrist confuses antidepressant side effects with disorders, adds meds, causes harm.
Mistakes, missed chances and a young life lost — (The Telegraph)
SSRI Ed note: Attractive, bright young woman is drugged and diagnosed, rejects the medications, ultimately commits suicide. "Incurable" "mental illness" blamed.