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Parents of gunman who killed five at a Louisville bank wracked by grief and confusion — (NBC News)
Requiem for a Dream — (New Yorker Magazine)
SSRI Ed note: Doctor concocts eloborate, unnecessary theory to explain why people on antidepressants die by suicide. Blames ulerative colitis.
Elderly couple ‘happily married’ before dementia killing, report finds — (BBC News)
SSRI Ed note: Man happily married 50 yrs, is given citalopram by GP, causes alarming dreams, Loazepam substituted, he deteriorates, stabs wife to death. Dementia blamed.
Antidepressant Prescriptions, Including Tricyclics, Continue to Increase in Canadian Children — (Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology)
SSRI Ed note: Research shows that antidepressant prescriptions to Canadian kids continue to grow - for imaginary disorders - despite no approval, no efficacy, & known harms.
Suicides increasing for ages 15-24 — (The Citizen of East Alabama)
SSRI Ed note: Study finds females 10-19 catching up to males in rate of suicide, more by hanging & shooting. Rate for all teens growing. ADs, a major risk factor, ignored.
Mother with post-natal depression admits smothering three-month-old baby to death — (The Evening Standard)
SSRI Ed note: New mom diagnosed PPD, prescribed antidepressant, becomes suicidal, overdoses, serious thought disturbance, kills baby to "stop her suffering", baby was fine.
Mom charged with killing her twin daughters hoped for suicide-by-cop — (The New York Post)
For A-listers like Zach Galifianakis and Sarah Silverman, Stevens wasn’t just a friend, he was a comic savant, one of the few acts they would drop everything to watch — leaving them to wonder: Why did he take his own life just as his career was heating up? — (Hollywood Reporter)
SSRI Ed note: Successful comedian resumes taking "powerful" psych meds including Lexapro after a few months without them, hangs himself. Meds not suspected.
Mother who drove car into river with children sought help for depression, sister says — (Michigan Live)
Fears as common anti-depressant sertraline linked to two deaths — (The Birmingham Mail)
SSRI Ed note: Sertraline can kill in more ways than suicide, especially non-metabolizers. It killed a healthy young man and a new mom, but The System does not blame the med.
One Missouri family. Four generations of disability benefits. Will it continue? — (The Denver Post)
SSRI Ed note: % of US populatn has psychiatric diagnoses, paid to take drugs, live life of disability. Incentives to maximize # disabled in family. Human & economic tragedy.
Elizabeth Wettlaufer pleads guilty to all charges in killing of 8 seniors — (Global News)
SSRI Ed note: Nurse on antidepressants, neuroleptics, has periodic urges to kill people ("red surges"), acts on them, feels terrible guilt, turns herself in.
Husband Speaks Out About Postpartum Depression After Losing Wife — (ABC News)
The Pill That Steals Lives – One Woman’s Terrifying Journey to Discover the Truth About Antidepressants — (Amazon)
SSRI Ed note: Journalist experiences a terrifying SSRI-related ordeal, which inspires an episode on BBC's Panorama, to air in autumn, 2016.
Behind the Scenes at the NHS
SSRI Ed note: NHS clients on psychoactive drugs commit murder, take the blame even where medication responsible.
Trends and patterns of antidepressant use in children and adolescents from five western countries, 2005–2012 — (Journal of European Neuropsychopharmacology)
SSRI Ed note: Despite lack of approval, lack of efficacy & known harms, antidepresant use for kids in Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, U.K, USA keeps growing, esp kids 10-14.
Driver enters no contest plea in Westland boy’s death — (Detroit Free Press)
Joseph Biegert Death Case Report — (Wisconsin Division of Criminal Investigation)
SSRI Ed note: Young man on several medications lives alone, is killed in altercation with the police when they come to check on him.
Opinion: My husband refused to believe he had bipolar disorder, and denial destroyed him — (The
SSRI Ed note: Man loses job, has nervous breakdown, is diagnosed, given Paxil, gets worse, wife accepts he is bipolar, unknowingly works against his recovery. Typical.
Jury: Mother who strangled baby sane at time of murder — (KUSI News)
SSRI Ed note: Woman from abusive family is anxious, depressed, suicidal, takes medication, strangles her 7-mo old baby and throws him out a window,
Young writer set computer to automatically post Facebook suicide note AFTER he had hanged himself after depression forced him to drop out of English degree—(Daily Mail)
Harlow: Man Guilty Of Copshall Close Murder — (
Matthew Warren, Son Of Evangelical Minister Rick Warren, Commits Suicide At Age 27 — (QueerTY)
SSRI Ed note: Son of anti-gay evangelist, possibly gay, treated for years by doctors and meds, dies by suicide. Mental illness blamed.
Anxious man took his own life in son's Bracknell home — (Bracknell News)
‘Body in boot’ murder trial: Mental illness ‘could have been key’ — (Coventry Telegraph)
SSRI Ed note: Suicidal man takes antidepressants, experiences delirium-psychosis, kills woman he lives with.
“I’m back on anti-depressants”, says Danielle Lloyd as she shows off her bottom on hols — (Daily Mirror)
Bride-to-be hanged herself at home before wedding — (Weston, Worle and Somerset Mercury)
SSRI Ed note: Happy, active woman diagnosed with MS becomes engaged, given neuroleptics and anti-depressants for wedding stress, hangs herself. MS diagnosis blamed.
Bupropion no "magic bullet" in post-MI smokers — (Medscape)
A day in the life of a rock star wife — (Belfast Telegraph)
Combo of Paxil & Statin Drug Could Cause Diabetes: Almost 1 Million People Could Be Effected
Serotonin Imbalance in Depressed People Does Not Exist: Journal Articles
Patients Who Took A/D's More Likely to Relapse Than Those Unmedicated Depressed Patients: Journal
A/D's Ineffective for Depression In Alzheimer's Patients: Meta-Analysis From Australia
Woman Brutally Attacks Neighbor Woman: Given 7 Months in Jail
Many People Gain Considerable Weight on Depression Meds
Up to 3.8 Times the Risk of Autism in Babies If Mothers Took SSRIs During Pregnancy: Study
52 Year Old Man With No Criminal Record Steals Bag With 500 Pounds In It
A/D's Lead to Mania Which Leads to Diagnosis of Bipolar: Former Editor of New United Kingdom J of Medicine
Paulina Porizkova's Antidepressant Struggle — (Huffington Post)
Research Shows Widespread Use of Antidepressants May Explain Why Obesity Rates Have Climbed
Man Assaults Judge in Court: Throws Heavy Chair at Him: Three Day Withdrawal
PTSD Patients Just as Likely to Commit Suicide While on Meds as with No Treatment at All
Man's Behavior Changes After Taking Zoloft: Said A/D Was Driving Him Mad & Giving Him Nightmares
Increased Risk of Stroke for Users of Depression Medications: American Psychiatric Assn
Taking Two A/D's Does Not Benefit Patients But Increases Side-Effects: Star*D Study
Little Evidence that Psychiatric Medications Can Help PTSD: Stanford University Study
Patients on A/D's Continue To Have Symptoms of Depression: Study at Southwestern Med Center
SSRIs Cause Increased Risk of Ovarian & Breast Cancer: Meta-analysis: Bloomberg Reporting
Man Suffers From Tremors & Parkinsonism: Zoloft Said to Be the Cause
Increased Risk in Middle Aged Man For Heart Attacks Who Are On Meds For Depression