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New York, NYApr 5, 2012


I was on Lexapro a few years ago and it really worked for me with minimal side effects. I started going through a new bout of depression about four months ago and my doctor suggested that I try Celexa since I’m paying out of pocket and it’s cheaper, but the side effects have been terrible. I’m so groggy and my sex drive went way down. Now that I’ve been on it for a few months, it does seem to be leveling out a bit. I have more sex drive, but it’s become very difficult to orgasm, which is really frustrating. I think I am going to switch back to Lexapro. I’ve heard that Celexa works better for some people and Lexapro works better for others, but it may worth a try if you don’t like the Celexa issues.
Mason, Ml

Apr 21

My wife is taking Citalopram for hot flashes. Now her vagina is dead. It no longer works. This stuff is a divorce in a bottle! We share the same doctor and I have a physical coming up next week. Someone is gonna get an ear full from me. Not to mention I’m going to find another doctor.
San Jose, CAApr 23 Most psychiatrists I know always couple celexa or lexapro with- 150 mg of Wellbutrin but all the serotonin types of antidepressants inhibit orgasms(except if you are 25!)
Barnwell, SCApr 25 I am 23 years old, two children (3 and 1), stay at home mom, married for 4 years. Before my 3 year old was born my husband had sex EVERY day sometimes several times a day. After my child was born it did decrease somewhat but I was taking Zoloft for postpartum depression (which didn’t help) after about 2 months came off the meds and my drive returned somewhat. Was later prescribed prozac for depression and anxiety (didn’t help) now I am on celexa and I have ZERO desire and when I try cannot reach an O. This is extremely rare because I use to reach mine before my hubby. This taking an awful toll on our marriage as my husband feels rejected. Also my doc prescribed me adipex with the celexa (now I feel angry). Also the celexa doesn’t seem to be helping my depression or anxiety as I cry almost daily. Someone please help me!!
Tipton, UKApr 26 I have no sex drive since being on citalopram and when I do have sex Its like I can’t feel anything and I don’t have orqasms it like my vagina is dead!!! its ruining my relationship as my bloke feels rejected and unwanted alto this drug saved me from mental melt down is it really worth it I refuse to lose my love of my life for the sake of this drug!Does it get better? Or will I stay the same while I’m taking this?:(
Los Angeles,CA 

Apr 27

Wendy wrote:  “Is there anything you can do about upping the sex drive? Besides stopping the drug?”Someone mentioned taking natural testosterone..like a cream i guess that you rub on your arm? but they stressed to make sure its NATURAL, synthetic “will make you crazy”
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