Suicidal man dies in crash following police chase — (KARE11)

SSRI Ed note: Man takes too much Prozac, drives recklessly, chased by police, crashes car and dies.

Original article no longer available


A Faribault man is dead after a police chase that began at the Medford Outlet Mall Monday.

A woman called 911 Monday to report her ex-husband, David Vroman, had been at the store where she works at the mall. She said Vroman claimed to have ingested 20 Prozac tablets and was possibly suicidal.

Police found Vroman’s pickup in the mall parking lot. He took off, and a State Patrol officer used “stop sticks” to try to deflate the pickup’s tires, but Vroman ran a stop sign and eventually went off a gravel road and into the ditch.

The pickup cab was filled with smoke, and officers had to break windows to remove Vroman.

Mayo One was called, and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Steele County Sheriff Gary Ringhofer says since the crash happened just over the line into Rice County, it’s Rice County that’s investigating the death.