Chilling Footage Shows 12-year-old Live Streaming Her Own Suicide on Facebook — (The Daily Starter)

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A 12-year-old girl from Polk County, Georgia live streams her own suicide on Facebook. Identified as Katelyn Nichole Davis, the girl sets up a camera which films her tying her own noose, to putting it around her neck and taking her own life—the live feed lasted for 42 whole minutes.

According to reports, Davis’ body was found on 30 December 2016 with “self-inflicted wounds” outside her home on December 30, 2016. The video (which has since been removed from YouTube) appeared to show her hanging for a number of hours as the sunlight faded. It is unclear how many people were watching her stream, and whether any of them called for help.

Investigators are looking into the possibility of bullying, but her family discovered her diary where she wrote her feelings daily. Apparently, she was on medication for depression and has attempted to take her life in the past but was stopped by her stepfather—who beat her.  She also accused her stepfather for attempting to rape her several times.