Citalopram is the Divorce Drug — (

SSRI Ed note: Citalopram transforms woman, she become selfish, reckless and and uncaring, couple divorces.

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Feb 26, 2016

My story is as follows. Married the girl I began dating as a junior in high school. Dated through college. Married in 1996. Was a good marriage. Both of us had careers. Had a child. I wasn’t perfect. Neither was she. Career stress yes. Daily life was good. Her love for me was expressed daily as was mine. We had a long history. Both our families were great. Then in 2010 my world changed big time. My once affectionate loving partner started acting different. No affection. Would walk by me and not look at me. Started staying away. Began to find fault with everything about me. Became very selfish and confident. Started arguments about anything. Would pull away from a hug with a look of disgust. I began to notice her family staying away. I talked to her dad and he just stated she was over it. Over what? I asked. No real answer. In October I found a citalopram bottle. I Google it and oh boy did the lights ever come on. I confronted her about my evidence and all I can say is wow. She was hostile. Aggressive. Declared she had never loved me ever. Said she wanted to end the relationship as quickly as possible. Screamed for me to get out with a lot of cussing. I had never heard this woman utter one badword. Needless to say I left. Over the next year I saw horrendous things I can’t believe. This loving calm person partied it up. Dated other guys. Put a profile on dating sites. Told everyone in our town I was abusive. That I was an alcoholic. Etc….even had her dad staying in my house with a gun because in her manic no sleep dreaming state could not tell reality from dreams….while all of this was going on my son basically stayed with me. I would hear things and I just couldn’t believe it. I would have never believed a drug could do such a thing. She remarried within months. Ran off to vegas. Didnt even include our child. Of course her family believed every crazy lie she uttered and I was so saddened by that. They literally loved me up until the week she began this drug…I saw a woman turn into a selfish self centered crazy person who changed in every way. Even dressed different. Different taste in men. Wanting new things. New 3 new cars. Three hundred and twenty five thousand dollar house, tons of vacations and trips. A woman who was satisfied before with a good book and some relaxing in the hammock was now so different. In 2014 I told her I wanted no contact until she was off the drug…she became enraged stating she hadn’t been on it in two years, yet a week later in front of our son told an insurance agent she was on it while filing for life insurance. He was upset that she lied. Fact is she tried to get off. She couldnt. Literally sick in bed. She likes the way she feels on it. My ex wife is gone forever. I have moved on. I met a sweet lady. I was upfront with her. Ssri drugs are my it litmus test. I will never ever be with anyone that has ever used these drugs, is on them, or doesn’t understand what they do. They destroy lives, families, and individuals. The drugs are the devil in a bottle. I am damaged forever. But I am healing everyday. If I didn’t live it I wouldn’t understand it. And that is why this drug is so deceptive. Unless you have lived it you don’t see it. The worst isn’t over. We have a lot more mass shootings, soldier suicides, mothers killing kids, etc. I believe this is one of the biggest deceptions ever put on humanity. So thus the name whistleblower. Any of you fromm the old marriages destroyed site on topix will remember me as lost. Good luck all and God bless all of you. Sorry for typos or misspelling. I’m in a hurry using a tablet…