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The New Jersey Record

August 17, 1996

Author: By DONNA MURPHY WESTON, The Associated Press; Wire services

[]A college woman fatally shot by her abusive boyfriend was remembered Friday as a sweet, giving person who went out of her way to please others.   Cindy Nannay, 22, was gunned down Monday in a campus parking lot at Rowan College of New Jersey in Glassboro, days after she left live-in boyfriend Scott Lonabaugh, 27. After shooting Nannay in the head and shoulder, Lonabaugh committed suicide.

Nannay’s parents, Earl and Grace, did not speak at her funeral. Before the service began, Grace Nannay placed a yellow stuffed toy Tweetie Bird in the casket next to her daughter. She broke down when she stood at the podium with a family friend who read a poem.

Several of the dozen or more people who spoke referred to Cindy Nannay as an angel and a giver.     “Her unselfish desire to comfort and help was underlying in her forming the relationship that ultimately lead to the tragedy,” said Pastor Donald Bozarth. “Her greatest passion was people, helping them especially those in greatest need.”   That was true even in high school, said Deria Gadsden, registrar for Garden State Academy, a Christian high school in Green Township, Sussex County.

“Many of you did not know, but Cindy was a mom and a grandmom. She adopted many children at GSA who needed help or love,” Gadsden said.”She gave all that she had to each one of us.”   Bozarth said that from early childhood, Nannay gravitated toward books and music. She also was very active in the church, teaching kindergarten, taking part in Adventist Youth, and leading the Pathfinders group.

“She had a deep and powerful, though quiet, religious faith,” Bozarth said.  In college, she majored in radio, television, and film and aspired to be a radio star.   Friends say Nannay had told them she finally left Lonabaugh because the relationship was too painful for her to continue.

Lonabaugh’s family said he had been diagnosed as a manic depressive, a condition that put him in a psychiatric hospital three months ago, and was taking antidepressants.  A funeral for Lonabaugh was held across town Friday. A reporter who tried to attend was forcibly removed and then detained by the funeral director, who demanded her notebook. A family member took the notebook and ripped pages out as the reporter attempted to leave.

Nannay’s friends said her death will not pass without meaning.  “Her death made me realize I want to help others going through what Cindy’s going through,” said Anita Lopez. “It opened our eyes wider to help people.”

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