Pills and booze overdose killed woman — (The Wigan Observer)

SSRI Ed note: Woman upset by divorce, father's death takes Prozac, drinks to excess, expresses suicidal thoughts, overdoses several times, finally dies. Coroner open verdict.

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The Wigan Observer

By Natalie Walker

Published: 09:14 Thursday 24 January 2008   Last Updated: 24 January 2008 9:14 AM

A woman died after taking a deadly combination of alcohol and prescription drugs, an inquest heard.
Christine Byrne was found dead by her friend Diane Miller at her home in Dean Crescent, Orrell, on July 23.
An inquest in Bolton was told she died after an overdose of her prescribed anti-depressant drug Flouroxitine [sic] (Prozac) mixed with alcohol.

Police officers said there was no suspicious circumstances surrounding the death.
Officers found numerous packets of medication prescribed to Christine, some of which were empty.
They also believe a bottle of fizzy Vimto found on a coffee table was mixed with vodka.

Dr James Harrison, pathologist at Royal Albert Infirmary, concluded that the cause of death was poisoning from the effects of Flouroxitine and alcohol.
The inquest was told Christine was badly affected by the death of her father when she was 28. She was divorced from her husband Tony in 2000 and had become upset over the split.

A drink-related accident in 2006 caused her to lose circulation in her leg and left her in a wheelchair.
Annette McDonald, Christine’s social worker, from Boston House Community Health Team in Wigan, said that she had been “expressing suicidal thoughts.”
Christine was admitted to the mental health unit at Wigan Infirmary in January 2007.

She overdosed in May and July but these were seen to be accidental due to Christine’s confused state after drinking.
Diane said Christine seemed depressed and on several occasions asked Diane to look after her dog if anything was to happen to her.

Deputy Coroner Alan Walsh said he was not satisfied Christine intended to kill herself and recorded an open verdict.  He said: “It was a tragedy that she should die in these circumstances.”