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May, 2012

I have tested positive for benzodiazepine in a Garda Urine Screen

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I have tested positive for benzodiazepine in a Garda Urine screening but I am not taking a benzodiazepine drug – how can this be? (I am currently taking Prozac & Oxycontin & Oxynorm & Nabilone for chronic back pain.)
Can the urine sample be retested?
All the medication I am taking is prescribed. I live in N.Ireland but have been arrested in Rep Ireland and charged with Careless Driving firstly and now following result of Drug test I am being charged with Driving with an intoxicant. Is it true that the urine screen can test + for drugs taken in the 30 days prior to giving the sample?
I am waiting on the Garda to produce all evidence that they have. Is it possible that the urine sample could be giving a FALSE + and how could I prove this?
I would really appreciate your opinion

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Buachaill :
1. In these circumstances, I would advise you to obtain a copy of the sample tested and to test is yourself privately. This would then enable you to ascertain whether it is a false positive or not. Additionally, it may be that the drugs you are taking may break down in your body to form a benzodiazepine constitutent. Again analysis will ascertain whether this is the case. You should also get yourself tested again to see what result is arrived at. Generally, drug tests like this will include any drugs in the system for several weeks prior to the test being taken. However, it is only by testing the sample and yourself privately that you will get to the bottom of the matter.