Could Prozac cause bizarre behavior in BPD (borderline personality disorder)? — (Facing the Facts)

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Facing the Facts – when a loved one has borderline personality


July 29, 2013, 08:52:04 PM

Ed Note: BPD = borderline personality disorder

It hasn’t even been a week since I was referred to this site. I thought my husband was bipolar, but now think it is BPD. However, he started taking Prozac less than a year ago and it seems to have made him manic. I say this because I discovered he has been spending excessive amounts of time partaking in deviant sexual behavior online and a recent affair.  Not only does it appear as if he wasn’t concerned about the ramifications of getting caught, but he has downplayed it all as if it is something that can be forgiven or accepted.  This does sound like BPD behavior, and I do now see that he has always had BPD traits, but it seems the Prozac has had something to do with this extreme recent behavior.  Does it sound manic?  Could he be both bipolar and BPD?