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SSRI Ed note: Woman prescribed 2 benzos, 3 SSRIs, 1 tricyclic + zolpidem after her toddler dies, hangs self and 7-yr-old son. Amazingly she survived these poisons for 2+ yrs.

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Times of India

Shradhha Sharma

Sept 15, 2005, 02:27 IST

CHANDIGARH: Was 35-year-old Sukhwinder Kaur suffering from acute depression when she committed suicide by hanging herself and her seven-year-old son Navjot on July 18?

Medical records submitted before the court as a part of her husband, Amarjit Singh Beniwal’s bail application indicate that Sukhwinder was undergoing treatment for acute depression at the psychiatry department of Government Medical College and Hospital (GMCH), Sector 32, since August 2002.

The wheel turned full swing on Wednesday when taking this into account Additional District and Sessions Judge RS Baswana granted bail to Beniwal, a former Merchant Navy officer, who was booked by the police on charges of abetment to suicide’ following the incident.

Beniwal had been in judicial custody since then. Sukhwinder had committed suicide after allegedly murdering her son and written a suicide note on the walls of her house, taking sole responsibility of her action.

However, She had mentioned that her husband should not be allowed to touch their bodies. As per the medical report, Sukhwinder was prescribed anti-depressant medicines and injections including Diazepam [benzodiazepine], Fludawn [SSRI-type], Restyl [benzodiazepine], Serta [sertraline], Serlift [sertraline],  Prothcaden [dosulepine, a tricyclic] and Sove [Zolpidem].

She reportedly sank into depression following the death of her three-year-old daughter Naina in a road accident a few years back. “The medical evidence produced on file cannot be taken to have been manipulated by the petitioner at any subsequent stage, as the records pertain to Government Medical College and Hospital, Sector 32, and show that the deceased had been suffering from acute depression,” the court ruled while granting bail.

Taking a compassionate view, the court order added it cannot be denied that the petitioner himself has lost his wife and son in the incident.

“He (Amarjit) is not shown to have done any overt act immediately prior to the commission of the suicide by the deceased as can be taken to have incited or compelled the deceased to commit suicide and that too after murdering her own son,” the court said.

With this latest revelation, the case took a new turn even as initial investigations conducted by the police suspected it to be a case of cold blooded murder.

The dead bodies of Sukhwinder and her son were discovered at their Sector 45 residence by Beniwal, who had returned home that night, reportedly after an outstation trip.