Dad killer’s ‘split personality’ — (The Blackpool Gazette)

SSRI Ed note: Homeless man, no history of violence, on antidepressants, amphetamines, drinks strong lager, becomes psychotic, kills his father. Schizophrenia blamed.

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The Blackpool Gazette

Published:  06:00 Wednesday 13 July 2016

Ian Dollery was stabbed to death outside his home in St Annes.

A woman has told a court how a schizophrenic man who knifed a businessman to death in front of his family had a ‘split personality’.

Donna McCarthy said she has known Robert Kay, 49, for around 15 years and has seen him grapple with paranoia.

Mr Dollery’s garage near his home on York Road, St Annes

Miss McCarthy was so concerned about her friend’s mental health she took him to see the GP, Preston Crown Court was told.

But she said she was “fuming” when the doctor prescribed anti-depressants as she believed Kay needed anti-psychotic medication.

On June 18, Kay launched a vicious knife attack on Ian Dollery, 51, in the garage of his home in York Avenue, St Annes.

Mr Dollery’s wife Amanda and daughter Grace tried to fight Kay off but were unable to save the businessman, who lay fatally wounded in a trolley.

“One person was good, Robert, but Rob…I didn’t like him”

On the second day of the murder trial, Miss McCarthy said earlier that day Kay had been at her home and had started acting strangely, believing he was talking to the devil through an old TV transmission box.

She described how she knew Kay by two names, depending on his state of mind.

She said: “His eyes would change. Robert was Robert.  “One person was good, Robert, but Rob… I didn’t like him.”

Miss McCarthy described how her friend Robert could be very caring and had looked after her when she had breast cancer. Kay had lived at her home and would help with cleaning as she has disabilities which restrict her mobility.

But she told the court: “Rob would emerge about two or three times a month. He could be very caring but other times, when he’d discuss the son of Satan…I was concerned about him.

“I dragged him – I said, ‘come on, I want you to come to the doctors. I’m not falling out with you’.

They didn’t do nothing [sic]. They just gave him nitrazepam. Robert was being Robert and not Rob so they didn’t see any schizophrenia. I was fuming.”

On June 18, Miss McCarthy said Kay arrived at her home at around 8.45am as she was getting out of bed.  The pair drank two or three cans of Tennents super strength lager between them but at around 12 o’clock, Kay’s personality changed when Miss McCarthy asked him what was in a carrier bag he was holding.

She said: “He had a box, he was saying he had a secret talking device to the devil.

“It was just dead weird…his eyes. Robert’s got piercing blue eyes and when he changes from Robert to Rob his eyes would go dead dark blue.

“I said, ‘You know what Rob; go away. Go away and bring Robert back.”

Kay, of no fixed abode, left the house, hitting Miss McCarthy’s dog on the way.

At 9.40pm, having not heard from her friend, Miss McCarthy texted him, saying: “Now get rid of that bad, scary side and bring Robert back.”

But Kay did not reply.

That night, as Mr Dollery cut his hair in his garage – from where he also ran a book selling business – he was approached by Kay.

Kay stabbed the former engineer more than 30 times with such force that six of Mr Dollery’s ribs were broken, the court was told.

Knife wounds penetrated Mr Dollery’s heart and abdomen, and despite efforts from his wife and daughter to fight off the attacker, he died in Blackpool Victoria Hospital in the early hours of June 19.

Kay has admitted killing Mr Dollery but claims his responsibility was diminished due to his mental health condition.

But the prosecution says he had lived with his schizophrenia for several years and had never acted with such violence before.

The crown says his condition was exacerbated by his use of amphetamines – which he took voluntarily.