Darcie Clarke testifies at Schoenborn murder trial: Mother of dead children says she told Schoenborn relationship was over, on day before children were killed

SSRI Ed note: Woman tells her husband their relationship is over, gives him an antidepressant, next day he murders their 3 children, attempts suicide several times.

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News 1130 Staff

Oct 13, 2009 13:02

KAMLOOPS (NEWS1130) – More than a year after her three children were killed in Merritt, Darcie Clarke is testifying at the first degree murder trial of her estranged partner, Allan Schoenborn. Clarke told the court that on the day before she found her three children dead, she told Schoenborn that their relationship was over. Clarke also testified that Schoenborn told her he killed the children to protect them.

Clarke says in a secretly recorded jail-house visit, Schoenborn told her he thought the children were being molested. The tape was played in court, and Schoenborn could be heard saying:  “I put them where they would be safe and stay young and innocent”.

Clarke testified that she had a long conversation with Schoenborn on her front lawn on April 5th, 2008, and told him she had gone to the doctor to get some anti-depressants. She testified Schoenborn then asked her for one of the pills and she gave him one.

Two months after the murders, Clarke testifies Schoenborn sent her a letter detailing how he tried to kill himself several times in the days after the murders and before he was found hiding in the woods east of Merritt. She says he told her that he was “longing” to be with the children.

Schoenborn is charged with smothering the boys and stabbing their sister in what the Crown alleges was an act of revenge against Clarke.