Jason Worley said he woke after hearing screaming. He didn’t know who or what it was.

When he got upstairs, he saw his ex-mother-in-law hysterically crying in the kitchen. Brandi Worley was sitting in the living room when he asked her what happened.

“She said ‘Now you can’t take my children from me,’ ” he said.

Officers on scene took Jason Worley outside. But the walkie talkies were on.

“Two deceased children in the house,” he told the court.

Buser said Brandi Worley planned to kill herself as well.

He said she told officers that “somehow (she) screwed that up” and that she “didn’t want them to live without” her. Buser said it was a selfish act because she wanted to die with them.

Worley never expressed regret about killing her children, Buser said.

“Now (Jason Worley) can’t take his kids to school anymore,” he said. “She was more apt at killing.”

Mark Inman, Brandi Worley’s attorney, said Monday was a difficult day.

Letters given to the court read that Brandi Worley was a “wonderful, caring mother,” according to the prosecution.

Inman said that was who she was. But those few hours in November, Brandi Worley snapped, he said.

“Such a tragic and unimaginable … I can’t imagine,” Inman said. “My job as Brandi’s attorney is to give you an explanation on why this happened. I can’t do that.”

Since November 2016, Brandi Worley was diagnosed with depression and has been unemotional, Inman said. 

“That’s the only way she knows how to deal with it at this point,” he said.

Tyler loved sports, Jason Worley said. He was a loving boy in general.

“He could walk into a room with 20 strangers and come out with 20 friends,” Jason said.

Tyler wanted to work on computers like Jason does.

“Both children had very bright futures,” Jason Worley said.

Charlee, he said, was a big ball of attitude. She loved getting dressed up and wouldn’t leave the house without braids or a bow in her hair.

“Charlee was becoming her own person,” he said.

He hadn’t talked to Brandi since November 16, 2016. The divorce finalized in March 2017.

“My children were my life,” Jason Worley said. “They were my everything.”