Death of Alexander George Ball — (Cumbria Coroner’s Report)

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Cumbria Coroner’s Report

Jan 29, 2015

David Llewelyn Roberts


(3) On the night of the 20th February 2014 the deceased [Alexander George Ball] was found unresponsive on his bed at his home at 5 The Crescent, Thornhill.    He was on a methadone programme and prescribed antidepressants.   He also accessed illegal drugs inclusing diazepam, phenazepam, heroin and cannabis in the days before his death.  He saw a psychiatrist on the 7th January, his General Practitioner on the 11th February, and his Drugs Counsellor on the 20th February. He was on the waiting list for a care coordinator.  He died as the result of ingestion of both prescription and illicit drugs…