The death of a student at University of Reading who jumped in front of a train at Iver station last year has been ruled as suicide, an inquest has heard.

Akram Yasir Busigu Lumumba, 21, of Crest Road, Brent stepped in from of the train and died instantly as a result of multiple injuries on October 26 2016.

The incident took place shortly after 10pm, when there was nobody on the platform, the inquest was told at Beaconsfield Court on Wednesday January 18.

The coroner heard a written testimony from the driver of the train, Jason Williams, who was heading from London to Reading.

The driver said the train would have been travelling at speeds between 50 and 70 mph and the train could not have stopped in time.

This was confirmed by Detective Sergeant Jerry Griffith of the British Transport Police, who added that there was no evidence from the CCTV footage that Mr Lumumba suffered from a slip, trip or fall.

He said: “There was no note, nothing to say that he was intending to do this on that day.

“There seemed to be a real desire for him to go to Holland.

“There was no way the train could stop travelling at that speed.

“There was no issue with the train or its brakes.

“Nothing about the station that could be a contributing factor to his death.”

The inquest heard a written statement from Mr Lumumba’s girlfriend, Emily Peaker who studies in Holland.

Mr Lumumba was due to travel to Holland that night from Gatwick but indicated to his flatmates that he had missed the flight, before leaving abruptly minutes later.

Mr Lumumba, who was seeing mental health professionals and had been granted leave from his studies by his university, was known to leave his flat without telling his flatmates, however his girlfriend noted that he did not usually leave his headphones behind.

She said in her statement: “He was kind and always thought of others.

“He said he needed help and was granted leave from his university.

“He had mentioned he may stop taking his medication.

“I didn’t speak to him on the day of the 26th (October) but I asked him to message me when he caught the train from Amsterdam to Groningen.

“Akram missed the plane due to train delays.

“He left the house without telling anyone which was normal but he also left without his headphones.”

Nobody saw him after he left his flat and it is unclear how he got to the train station at Iver.

The police found a Freedom Pass on him which had not been used since mid-October.

It is also not known what happened earlier that day when Mr Lumumba left his flat in Reading to go to Holland.

Senior Coroner for Buckinghamshire, Crispin Butler ruled that Mr Lumumba’s death was suicide.

The coroner said: “He had intended death to result.

“In the past he had made reference to suicidal ideation, specifically relating to trains.

“He intended to travel to Holland. That didn’t happen. He intended to do what he did when he stepped off the platform.”

His cause of death was multiple injuries consistent with collision with a train.