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SSRI Ed note: Game show host takes antidepressants and commits suicide.

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May 9, 2004

[quote name=\’FeudDude\’ date=\’May 9 2004, 09:44 PM\’] My theory on Ray’s suicide was that up until he got mercilessly fired from Feud and his marriage fell apart, he had a very happy life, [/quote]
I hate to get into this, but if you have the chance, read the story on Ray in TV Guide right around the time his version of “Feud” was debuting. He was not a terribly happy man even then.

Thank you for unlocking this thread so I could post my responce to these people whom truley did not really know my brother. First of all let me say No my brother was never diagnosed with Bipoler disorder and No he never tried to overdose the day he crossed over and left this earth the only thing in his body that day was an anti depressant that Glendale adventist Hospital had given him when they was addmited  6 hours earlier and yes he had serum of epatat or how ever it is spelled but even so you would have had trace minerals of any other drugs in your system when they ran the toxicoligy report if any of you question this please feel free in checking the autopsy report from glendale california. there were very weird things surrounding my brothers death and a simple anti depresant to him could effect him as if a hit of heroin would someone else. my brother was a devout mormon and always treated his body as a temple and didn;t even drink dark soda because of the caffeine. he always said if he drank a coke a cola he might as well do some cocaine because it would have the same effect on him. so forgive me for trying to defend his honor. i think possible he was looking for some help in that hospital that medicine made his mind fuzzy and no he never was addicted to pain killers like i had read earlier in the thread quite different he refused to take unnecary medicine ibuprfin was his extint of pain medicine or alkazelter for heart bearn and boy did howard feltcher cause alot of that. hahahahahaha. IF ANYONE HAS ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE FEEL FREE IN EMAILING ME I WILL ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS HOWEVER PERSONAL YOU MAY THINK THEY ARE. THEY ARE MY LIFE. THEY ARE MY BROTHER AND IS ALL THAT MATTER TO ME AND MY FAMILY AND HIS CHILDREN.
~TONI COMBS (Ray’s sister)
TCOMB1695@AOL.COM [/quote]