Death of woman found in Fareham river was an accident — (The Portsmouth News)

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by Kimberley Barber –

 Katharine Blakey, 42, from Gordon Road, Fareham, had been reported missing on June 12, 2012.

Her body was found in a river which runs through an area of woodland called Fareham Gillies three days later.

A coroner’s court heard how Mrs Blakey had been taking anti-depressant medication and that she had a habit of ‘doubling up’ on certain pills in order to sleep better.

A post-mortem of her body found that she had 31 tablets in her stomach and that she had overdosed on an anti-depressant called venlafaxine.

Mrs Blakey had a history of depression dating back to November 2009.

Her husband, Paul Blakey, said that she had been frustrated by the way the medical system had dealt with her.

Mr Blakey said: ‘She had been rather sceptical of the service of the NHS and how she was getting help. At one time she was given the Samaritans number, which was wholly inadequate.’

Coroner David Horsley ruled that Mrs Blakey died an accidental death.

He ruled that Mrs Blakey had collapsed near the river as a result of an accidental overdose and that her body had slipped into the river.

Mr Horsley said: ‘It is terrible, her suffering that way. She was quite clearly a depressed lady and it is terrible for those who had to see her go through that.’