Depressed Leicester mum killed baby — (Leicester Mercury)

SSRI Ed note: Husband of new mom gets another woman pregnant, wife's unhappiness diagnosed as postpartum depression, she gets Prozac, kills baby, attempts suicide.

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Leicester Mercury

By Leicester Mercury

Posted: June 09, 2012

A mother suffering from post-natal depression smothered her seven-month-old daughter and tried to kill herself .

Carly Jacques was yesterday given a hospital order at Leicester Crown Court after admitting infanticide.

The court heard the 32-year-old told police officers who were investigating her baby’s death: “I just got into my head that something was going to happen. I thought that we could go to sleep together and that no one could hurt either of us. I loved my daughter to bits. She was so beautiful.”

The court heard Jacques, of Netherhall Road, Netherhall, Leicester, and her husband Mark were happy after the birth of their first child in March 2011.

Luke Blackburn, prosecuting, said she began to show signs of post-natal depression in June when her husband told her he had been having an affair with one of her best friends, and that the woman was pregnant.

Mr Blackburn said she began smoking cannabis. She suffered delusions and thought that CCTV cameras were filming her. She also thought people wanted to harm her and her daughter.

In August, she went to her GP and was prescribed Prozac, but she only took it for a short time, and was referred to a counsellor, whom she visited twice.

She killed Skye on October 30, the morning after a family firework party, at which she drank alcohol and smoked cannabis.

Mr Jacques went downstairs to find his wife clutching Skye’s lifeless body to her chest. Holding a knife in her hand, Jacques said to him: “What have I done?”

She cut at her wrists as her husband tried to wrestle the knife from her, before she ran into the kitchen and used a carving knife to slash her neck.

He stopped her and attempted to resuscitate their baby.

Skye was taken to Leicester Royal Infirmary, where she was pronounced dead at 10.26am.

Jacques, who was emotional in the dock and surrounded by three mental health workers, received 40 stitches at the same hospital. The cause of death was given as “gentle smothering”. The baby suffered no other injuries.

In mitigation, Mary Prior said Jacques had been a “good friend, a good daughter and a good employee”

She said: “She wanted nothing more than a happy, married life. No one will miss her [Skye] more than Carly Jacques. There is hope for her once she gets well but that’s not going to be a speedy process because there’s a large underlying difficulty here that requires treatment.”

Sentencing her, Judge Michael Pert QC, said he wanted to “treat illness with treatment, not punishment”.