Depressed man hanged himself in Titchfield guesthouse — (The Western Wards Gazette)

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The Western Wards Gazette

January 19,  2013

A 46-year-old man suffering depression hanged himself in a Titchfield guesthouse after losing his job, house and car, an inquest heard.

Michael Hasson had been trying to find a new job but committed suicide at the guesthouse where he had been living.

The American-born man sent text messages in the lead up to his death to his ex-girlfriend, with whom his relationship had recently ended, the inquest in Portsmouth heard.

Concerned about his welfare, she prompted the landlord to check on Mr Hasson, who was then found hanging from a rope connected to the door handle of the room.

He was pronounced dead just before 10 pm on May 31 last year.

In his room were some of his unpacked possessions, a computer with a picture of his ex-partner on it, prescription tablets for Citalopram, an anti-depressant, and music had been playing at the time of his death.

Letters containing details of the disposal of Mr Hasson’s personal possessions were also found.

Pathologists had found Mr Hasson had 1.9 times the legal 80 microgramme limit of alcohol in his blood and damage to his liver.

Deputy coroner of Portsmouth and South East Hampshire, Robert Stone, said it was possible that Mr Hasson had a high tolerance for alcohol and that although he had drank alcohol prior to his hanging, it was not sufficient to kill him and he intended to end his life.

The court heard that Mr Hasson had been suffering depression for many years and had had failed to commit suicide twice in the past.

“It was pretty clear from the evidence that Mr Hasson had had a pretty bad time before his death,” said Mr Stone.

He gave the verdict that Mr Hasson took his own life.