Depressed man took his life after battling illness for 12 years — (The Gloucester Citizen)

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The Gloucester Citizen

Posted: July 04, 2013

A MAN who battled depression for more than 10 years took his own life at a beauty spot, a coroner has ruled.

Quentin Vandervell, 48, suffered from the illness and appeared to benefit from taking anti-depressants but not always, Gloucestershire Coroner’s Court was told on Tuesday.

Mr Vandervell, of Hadnock Road, Monmouth, was found near the foot of Symonds Yat viewpoint in the Forest of Dean on February 7 this year, having left a list at home of things which made him unhappy, Coroner David Dooley was told.

“He was socially isolated and suffered chronic depression which he kept under control for 12 years with medication,” said Mr Dooley in summary at the inquest.

“But he had a recent suicidal ideation. That resulted in specialist treatment and medication. This was insufficient to offset the severity of the last bout.

“A list was found at his home, confirming his reasons for depression.”

Other material relating to suicide was found at his home, said Mr Dooley.

He had therapeutic levels of anti-depressants in his blood, but it was not enough to stop those thoughts.”

Mr Dooley ruled that Mr Vandervell took his own life.