Depression led to “nasty assault” — (Shetland News)

SSRI Ed note: Man given antidepressants by MD to help him deal with business problems drinks, becomes violent, assaults his date.

Original article no longer available

Shetland News

Pete Bevington

14 March, 2008

A SHETLAND joiner admitted assaulting a woman after becoming depressed when his business went bankrupt, at Lerwick Sheriff Court yesterday (Thursday).

The court heard that Robert Kay, aged 49, of Ackrigarth, Lerwick, had been out drinking with the woman on 3 September last year and became violent when they returned to his house.

Procurator fiscal Duncan Mackenzie said Kay had gone to the bathroom and when the woman checked to see if he was alright, he “simply launched himself at her for no reason”.

She managed to get away and shut herself in the kitchen, but he burst in and she fell to the ground. “This was a particularly unpleasant assault. He was kicking and punching her on the head and on the body,” Mr Mackenzie said.

The woman was left bruised and in severe pain, but also psychologically damaged and in a constantly nervous condition.

Kay had been ordered to avoid his victim, but on 12 February he walked into the Thule Bar, in Lerwick, knowing that she was there. Mr Mackenzie said he had intentionally frightened and intimidated her.

Defence agent Paul Kavanagh said Kay was a self employed joiner who had been bankrupt for 18 months before the incident. When a client refused to pay him he went downhill and a doctor prescribed him with drugs to treat depression.

When the assault took place he had “augmented that medication with a quantity of alcohol”, Mr Kavanagh said, adding that Kay himself had been punched unconscious by a man in the house at the time.

Sheriff Graeme Napier said: “This was an extremely nasty assault. It has had a significant impact and it’s exacerbated by the fact that you then committed a significant breach of bail in relation to this witness.”

The case was continued for six weeks for reports.