Diabetic mum ‘struggled to feel happy’ before death — (Berkhamsted and Tring Gazette)

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Berkhamsted and Tring Gazette

April 18, 2o13

An inquest into the death of a diabetic woman who suffered depression and low self-esteem found that she killed herself while her mind was disturbed.

Kirsty Ansell, 36, of Astley Road, Hemel Hempstead, was found in a convulsive epileptic state at her home by her son on January 19. She had taken an overdose of drugs including prescription medication and the insulin she used to control her type 1 diabetes.

Kirsty died at Watford General Hospital on February 3 after suffering cerebral damage as a result of the overdose and subsequent epileptic status.

Assistant deputy coroner Frances Cranfield told the court that Kirsty had written a note in her journal for members of her family, saying she was sorry and that they would be “better off without her”.

Kirsty, who also suffered with obsessive compulsive disorder and borderline personality disorder, was described as “a troubled person who struggled to ever feel happy” in a statement by her mother Sally, which was read out in court.