Assistant DA Pleads Guilty To DUI — (Supra)

SSRI Ed note: Assistant D.A. takes too much of his prescribed antidepressant, drives, causes accident, charged with impaired driving.

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Posted on August 01, 2008

Assistant District Attorney John Castleman entered a guilty plea to DUI in General Sessions Court in Lawrence County on Friday.
Castleman was involved in a one car accident on May 7th. The incident was investigated by District Attorney General Ray Whitley of Sumner County after local DA Mike Bottoms requested a District Attorney from outside the district conduct the investigation.
Whitley’s investigation revealed that there was no alcohol involved, but Castleman had taken too much of a medically prescribed antidepressant.
Castleman said, “I apologize to the public, my family, my friends for any embarrassment my actions may have caused. I am thankful everyday that one else was involved or hurt because of my actions.”
He was sentenced to 48 hours in jail, a fine of $350 dollars and court costs. His license is suspended for one year; being a first offense, he is eligible to apply for a driver’s license for employment. Due to the nature of his employment and his personal safety, Castleman was allowed to serve his jail time in a county jail outside the 22nd judicial district.
District Attorney Mike Bottoms, said “while I am disappointed in John’s actions, I have made a decision to keep him on as an Assistant District Attorney. His many pluses far outweigh this negative. It is important for the public to know that Castleman was treated like any other member of the public. The law applies to all citizens equally.”
District Attorney Whitley said “Mr. Castleman has stepped up and taken responsibility for his actions by pleading guilty and he has been given the same consequences anyone else would have received.”

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