Doctor who treated inmate who died couldn't remember her — (The New Paper)

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 The New Paper

December 8, 2012 – 12:21am

By: Rennie Whang

Too many patients and too little time?

The coroner’s court heard yesterday that the prison psychiatrist who treated  Lian Huizuan (above) had only two hours to see about 30 patients at the Changi Women’s Prison, which he visited once weekly.

Lian, who died on March 2 last year after a drills exercise from a probable overdose of anti-depressants, was one of his patients.

The court heard that while there were 11 occasions  Lian had fits, falls and fainting episodes, Dr Tan was only aware of two of them, which he had found out from nurses.

Information about these 11 occasions were in the Inmate’s Medical Records, which Dr Tan had access to, but didn’t see.