High driver’s crash — (The Halifax Courier)

SSRI Ed note: Man drive while on antidepressants and alcohol, highly impaired, he flips his car but lives. He is fined, license suspended.

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The Halifax Courier

Last Updated: 13 September 2007 9:27 AM

A DRIVER high on a cocktail of drinks and anti-depressants had a lucky escape after flipping his car on to its roof, a court heard.

William Currie, of Spout Hill, Brighouse, walked away from the smash unharmed but was immediately arrested.

He told them he had drunk three pints while on the prescribed medication – taken to combat depression brought on by his mother’s death in April.

He admitted drink-driving when he appeared before Calderdale magistrates.

Waseem Raja, prosecuting, said Currie, 37, flipped the Renault Scenic after crashing into the kerb on New Hey Road, Huddersfield, in the early hours of September 6.

Currie was disqualified for 12 months, fined £220 and ordered to pay £43 costs.