Alleged Kenk associate sentenced to14 days — (The Star)

SSRI Ed note: Man works 10 yrs as mechanic, graduates as engineer, diagnosed depressed. takes antidepressant, then his life "spirals downhill", he steals, is convicted.

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The Star

Aug 07, 2008 12:34 PM


Jean Laveau, a bit player in the ongoing Igor Kenk bicycle theft saga, was sentenced to 14 days in jail this morning.

Laveau, 47, was arrested July 16 after stealing one bike and attempting to steal another, allegedly after Kenk asked him to. He pled guilty to theft under $5,000 and possession of burglar tools.

Two other charges against Laveau, possession of stolen property and attempted theft, were dropped.

His lawyer, Mitch Engel, had asked for a sentence of one day in jail. Judge Brent Knazan granted the Crown’s request of two weeks. But after the hearing, Engel said the sentence was “fair, given (Laveau’s) background,” which includes a string of theft-related convictions.

Knazan said Laveau was “very fortunate” the prosecution sought only a short jail sentence.

Beginning in 1984, Laveau spent 10 years in the Canadian armed forces as a mechanic, Engel told the court. In 1998, Engel said, Laveau graduated from McGill University with an engineering degree. But in 2001, he was diagnosed with chronic depression and given medication. Since then, his life has spiraled further downhill.

“It’s not the typical story,” Engel said after the hearing.

Laveau, dressed in an Adidas soccer shirt over an orange T-shirt, stood calmly in the prisoner’s box as his sentence was read. He said, “I’m okay, sir,” when Knazan asked him if he wanted to speak.

Kenk, the owner of the Queen St. W. Bicycle Clinic, faces 58 charges related to theft and drugs. Police have recovered more than 2,700 bicycles he allegedly stashed in 12 different locations.

The 49-year-old returns to court Sept. 24.