Enraged husband choked wife to death then hung himself while two-year-old son slept in cot — (The Daily Record)

SSRI Ed note: Man gets medication for anxiety, argues with wife, marriage breaks down, he kills her and hangs himself. In-law troubles blamed.

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By Tom Hitchenor

19:00, 1 JUL 2020

Kiril Nemcev attacked his wife Lana after they argued about her mother moving in with them.

Kiril Nemcev strangled his wife Lana Nemceva to death (Image: Express)

A husband flew into a rage and strangled his wife to death before hanging himself while their two-year-old son slept in his cot, an inquest has heard.

Kiril Nemcev, 32, attacked his wife Lana Nemceva, 33, after they argued about her mother moving in with them.

The couple’s lodger made the grisly discovery at the couple’s home in Burton, Staffordshire, on September 4 last year.

An inquest heard Kiril had cable ties around his hands and was found by the bannisters while his wife’s lifeless body was on the bathroom floor.

He had a superficial stab wound in his stomach which Lana is thought to have inflicted before he strangled her using a chokehold.

Their two-year-old son Oscar was in the cot in the couple’s bedroom and was unharmed.

The couple had moved to the UK from their native Latvia with Lana getting a job as an optometrist while Kiril worked as a chef at Pizza Express.

But a hearing at South Staffordshire Coroner’s Court heard Kiril had taken medication for anxiety and had researched divorce online before attacking his wife.

The couple’s lodger Yuri Latchis discovered their bodies after returning home after work and finding the front door locked.

He climbed in through the bathroom window at 11pm where he found Lana lying on the bathroom floor.

Detective Chief Inspector Dan Ison, of Staffordshire Police, said the couple’s relationship became strained when Lana’s mother stayed with them.

He told the inquest: “Lana’s mother lived at the property at times as well.

“She was abroad and back home on the day in question. The lodger was at work.

“He returned home shortly after 11pm and found that he couldn’t get into the house as he would normally.

He had to gain access through his own bathroom window which was insecure.

“He then found the bodies of Kiril and Lana. He then made contact with the emergency services to notify us.

“Kiril’s body was hanging in the stairwell of the ground floor and Lana’s body was found on the floor of the bathroom upstairs.

“Following extensive forensic examination, such as blood pattern analysis experts, we are satisfied or that there is no third party involvement and Kiril hung himself.

“What seems to be supported by the forensic assessment of the scene is there appears to be a first initial attempt by Kiril to hang himself, which for some reason has failed.

“The blood pattern would suggest that he went into a shed in the back garden, where there were a number of cable ties.

“It looks like he’s brought himself back into the house and use the cable ties to tie his wrist to then hang himself successfully on the second occasion.

“Working with the available facts that I have is the knife that was recovered from the bathroom next to Lana’s body was more than likely used to inflict such an injury on Kiril.

“It is my belief that it was potentially Lana that may have inflicted that injury on Kiril.

He had some recent anxiety issues and had been speaking to his local GP about these anxiety issues.

“I believe he received medication to help him with that.

“There was certainly tension around Lana’s mother living at the address with them. It certainly put pressure on the relationship.

“I believe her mother was living there to assist with the child, Oscar.

“I believe that his mother was planning to move back there soon and that certainly had put pressure on the relationship certainly from Kiril’s point of view.

“From their phones, we have understood that is was causing tension in the relationship. It is my belief that Kiril is likely responsible for Lana’s death by pressure to the neck.

“I think the relationship had broken down and I’m aware from telecoms they were researching around divorce Lawyers and separation.”

Toxicology showed Kiril had a small amount of alcohol in his system but no drugs.

The inquest heard that he killed his wife by choking her to death, possibly with his arm crushing her neck.

Pathologist Dr Charlotte Louise Randall said: “The post mortem examination revealed evidence of compression of the neck or strangulation.

“Three minor grazes were present on the skin of the neck. It is possible that these were caused by hands being placed on the front of the neck.

“The clear demarcation congested skin between the face and neck, as well as bruising around the right ear lower face.

“It raises the suspicion that an object, such as an arm, has been placed across the front of the neck in a chokehold.

“Furthermore, the possibility that a broad stocked ligature was used cannot be completely excluded.

“Whatever the method, there is little doubt the pressure on her neck had been sufficiently forceful and prolonged to result in death.

“The presence of bruising to the lower face and tears to the inner lining of the lips also raises the suspicion of a hand or object being placed over the mouth or smothering.

“There were no defence-related injuries or classical marks of physical restraint. There was no evidence of an assault of a sexual nature.”

In conclusion, Coroner Andrew Haigh said: “They resided in Burton upon Trent with a lodger and Lana’s mother.

“It is clear from the evidence there were difficulties in the relationship and there had been some inquiries about divorce.

“I also accept the evidence that Kiril had some psychiatric problems, mainly anxiety, and had been prescribed medication.

“Police reached the conclusion there has been an altercation, Lana has stabbed Kiril but he has strangled her and then hanged himself.

“My findings will be as follows: Kiril’s cause of death is a ligature suspension of the neck, known as hanging. On the balance of probabilities is this is suicide while mentally unwell.