Ex-biker guilty of assaulting city police officer — (The Winnipeg Free Press)

SSRI Ed note: Man who admits taking too much antidepressant medication assaults a police officer, kicking him in the groin. Is charged.

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The Winnipeg Free Press

 By Mike McIntyre

A former Winnipeg biker best known for triggering a summer of very public violence by shooting a Hells Angels member in the head pleaded guilty Friday to assaulting a city police officer.

Kevin Sylvester, 43, was sentenced to the equivalent of three months time in custody and profusely apologized for his actions, which he blamed on taking too much antidepressant medication.

“I’m sorry for the whole incident. It was a bad scene that I caused. It was embarrassing,” Sylvester told the court.

He was arrested in mid-December after making a series of phone calls to a Crown attorney, his defence lawyer and even the Winnipeg Free Press, in which he made comments about wanting to get into a confrontation with police.

Police went to speak with Sylvester at his home, and he responded by kicking one of the officers in the groin, court was told. He was eventually restrained with a Taser stun gun and taken into custody. The officer wasn’t seriously injured.

Crown attorney Marty Minuk stayed a charge of uttering threats Friday, saying it would be difficult to secure a conviction. Defence lawyer Jeff Gindin said that’s because Sylvester was more intent on harming himself than anyone else.